Samsung Galaxy S21 has solved the power consumption surge bug

On February 14th, multiple media reports stated that many users of the Exynos version of Galaxy S21 had complaints about the system update including the February security patch. After the system update, the power consumption of the mobile phone surged higher than usual. However, when the flight mode was turned on, this sudden increase in power consumption disappeared, obviously a bug.

It was reported that Samsung officials had noticed this problem at the time.

According to media reports, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has now received a new update (G99xBXXU1AUB6) and comes with a security patch for February 2021.

Exynos version users saved, Samsung Galaxy S21 has solved the bug of surge in power consumption

The descriptive nature of the system change log is the same as the previous update, regarding overall performance, security and imaging improvements. Although there is no clear explanation, according to forum users, the update solves the problem of the surge in power consumption caused by the previous update.

This version of the update is currently being rolled out to the Galaxy S21 series released in the UK, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, and may be rolled out to models in other regions later.

It is worth mentioning that only Exynos version S21 and S21+ users have complained about the surge in power consumption. It is not sure whether the 888 version S21 series and the Exynos version Galaxy S21 Ultra have the same bugs that need to be resolved.

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