Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 new news: abandon its own Tizen system and switch to Wear OS, no blood sugar detection function is rumored

According to the latest news, Samsung plans to abandon its own Tizen system and use Google’s Wear OS when it launches the new Galaxy Watch 4 later this year. At the same time, the new Galaxy Watch 4 will not have the previous rumors. Blood glucose detection function.

The whistleblower FrontTron tweeted that Samsung is preparing to launch two wearable devices (Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Active 4) this summer, both of which will run Wear OS. FrontTron also said that the blood glucose monitoring function needs to be further developed before it is introduced to the public, so Samsung’s latest smartwatch will not have the blood glucose monitoring function, and Samsung will push this function when it matures in the future.

The breaking news also pointed out that Samsung will not only launch the new Galaxy Watch 4, but also Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3 and Galaxy S21 FE at the press conference later this year. The latest news will be followed up by then.

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