Samsung showcases stretchable OLED skin patch: it can be used as a fitness monitor

According to GSMArena, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) recently unveiled a prototype of a stretchable OLED skin patch. The patch can be attached to the wrist and integrates a variety of sensors to monitor and display various body data in real time, and can be used as a fitness monitor.

Samsung stated that it uses a highly elastic polymer and improved elastomer as the material for the patch, which can increase the elongation of the patch by 30%, and its prototype remains stable after 1,000 stretches.

And under current technical conditions, researchers can use existing semiconductor manufacturing processes to integrate most of the known sensors into the OLED patch.

In addition, the patch can be adsorbed on the inside of the wrist, and the effect of the display screen will not be affected when the wrist is moved.

Samsung claims that this stretchable OLED patch technology is the first in the industry, but there is still a long way to go before it becomes a mature consumer product and is put on the market.

Researchers need to continue to improve the resolution of OLED, the stretchability of polymers and the measurement accuracy of sensors.

In addition, Samsung also said that the patch can be used not only for fitness, but also to help monitor certain patients and babies in the future.

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