Sennheiser releases new earphones: in-ear design with 7mm single moving coil

At the annual CES 2021 conference, Sennheiser released a dynamic headset-IE300. The biggest highlight of the headset is that it has abandoned the previous traditional 0.78mm pin and replaced it with the more versatile and firmer MMCX interface.

In terms of earphone design, Sennheiser IE300 has a very lightweight design. It uses an in-ear design. The shell is made of black matt resin and weighs only 4g. The surface also presents white particles, which brings a sense of fashion. In other respects, the headset is also equipped with a 7mm single moving coil with an impedance of 16Ω.

According to official contempt, the 7mm ultra-wideband dynamic unit built in Sennheiser IE300 is equipped with many innovative technologies. Its diaphragm is an inert material without any lines, which can minimize resonance. In addition, in the sound cavity design of Sennheiser IE300, air guide holes with balanced air pressure are used in the front and rear, which can also help eliminate resonance.

In other respects, the official also provided 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced headphone cables for Sennheiser IE300 headphones. As for price information, Sennheiser IE300 is priced at 299 euros in Europe.

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