Smart speaker with clock: Amazon Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation)

Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) is an entry-level smart speaker. It is the same speaker as the third generation, but with a different design. But this time Amazon also released the Echo Dot (fourth generation) children’s version, there are two designs to choose from, panda or tiger.

Amazon eliminated it with its fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot. This version is completely different from the previous version, mainly for the obvious spherical shape-of course the appearance! In addition to the new design, you can also use this specific version to display the time instantly. There is another one specifically for kids.

Despite its small size, its small size will not let your small size fool you. Although it is designed for smaller spaces, such as office and bedroom bedside tables, the bass and power output of the Echo Dot (fourth generation) with Clock is impressive. You would not expect such a small product to be of high quality!

Regarding the Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) with a clock, the most attractive part of the Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) is its price.

new design

The fourth-generation Echo Dot is a 3.9-inch sphere, covered with half plastic and half fabric, in blue, dark gray or white. There are four physical buttons on the top to turn up the volume, turn down the volume, activate Alexa, and turn off the microphone. The blue light ring that shows that Alexa is listening has moved from the top to the bottom of the speaker, making the surface below it glow softly. With a power adapter and 3.5 mm audio output on the back, you can connect the Echo Dot to larger speakers.

Don’t expect better sound here. This is largely a change in appearance. The Echo Dot still has a 1.6-inch driver and 3.5 mm output cable to power more powerful speakers. If you want better sound, you must upgrade to the fourth-generation Echo using its 3-inch woofer and dual 0.8-inch tweeters.

Amazon Alexa

Like all previous Echo speakers, the new Echo Dot allows you to access Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant by saying “Alexa” and commands. Alexa can answer general questions; provide information such as weather forecast and unit conversion; control smart home devices; make calls and home voice calls to other Alexa devices; and play music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and SiriusXM (if you want For listening to music on other services, Echo Dot also has Bluetooth functionality).

Sound performance

With Echo Dot, you will not get the space-filled function or low-frequency rumble. The loudspeaker processed our bass test soundtrack, the “silent sound” of the “knife”, without much bass response. At maximum volume, the sound of kick drum and bass synthesizer is poppy at best, and distortion at worst.

Brief summary

If you already own a third-generation model, there is no reason to get a new Echo Dot. In fact, it is the same speaker, but the design is different. However, if you just want to buy a smart speaker and want something more functional than Echo Flex, then the fourth-generation Echo Dot is a good choice, and its price is half that of a standard Echo.

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