So beautiful! Xiaomi 11Pro upgrade!

The new machine is luxuriously configured and brings users the top flagship experience

In appearance, because the front is almost the same as Mi 11

So I won’t do too much introduction in this regard, you can refer to Xiaomi 11

As we all know, the screen of Mi 11 is very strong

But a blogger revealed that Mi 11Pro is more worth looking forward to

In addition to having 2K resolution, 515PPI, 120Hz and many other features

In addition to providing natural and realistic colors under strong light

It also supports adaptive adjustment of blue light, giving the best comfort to the eyes

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro takes pictures based on the continuation of the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition

And has a hardware-level main camera lens, effectively shortening the time of high-pixel photography

Let you easily record beautiful pictures

Bring users all the top camera enjoyment

In addition, the performance of the equipped Snapdragon 888 will be optimized perfectly

The most important thing is to carry 120W wired flash charging and 80W wireless flash charging

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