Sony FX3 full-frame movie camera, built-in fan can record 4K 120fps

Sony announced the Cinema Line full-frame digital camera FX3 (ILME-FX3). FX3 combines Sony’s professional digital film technology and the functions of the α-series mirrorless digital cameras, allowing small studios and audio-visual creators to flexibly shoot and Create a movie-like film.

Full-frame movie camera Sony FX3

FX3 is specially designed for independent shooting users. It has professional operability and reliability. It is equipped with auto focus performance inherited from the α series, S-Cinetone film color science technology of film camera level, and optical image stabilization system. , Hand-held camera body XLR handle design, and advanced heat dissipation structure, a variety of Sony’s key digital imaging technology is integrated into a lightweight body. The highly mobile body design is more in line with the needs of small-scale studios or personal shooting. In order to satisfy more young creators to display their image creativity.

Inherit the image style of Sony’s flagship VENICE professional movie camera

Sony FX3 uses a full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. The effective pixels are 10.2 million pixels for film recording, and 12.1 million effective pixels for static photography. The standard ISO range is 80 – 102,400. It can be used for photography. Extend to ISO 409,600, and have 15+ dynamic range. In addition, FX3 has a built-in 4K / 120fps video recording function, and has a high-speed hybrid autofocus system and high-speed readout capability. If the output is 24fps, it is equivalent to five times slow motion.

To meet the growing demand for images, Sony FX3 and the Cinema Line lineup of FX9 and FX6 all use S-Cinetone film color science technology derived from Sony’s flagship VENICE film camera to provide natural midtones, soft colors and smooth highlights. You can create cinematic color expressions without going through post-production.

Lightweight and flexible FX3 makes independent creation more handy

The Sony FX3 weighs only 715 grams and has a compact design. The FX3 is the lightest model in the Sony Cinema Line lineup. It is quite suitable for handheld shooting or shooting on a stabilizer or drone; the XLR handle on the body After a special design, it can support excellent flexibility, stability and comfort for long-term shooting.

The body of FX3 is specially designed to improve mobility and workflow efficiency. It has five screw holes (1/4-20 UNC) for easy connection of compatible accessories, suitable for handheld or installation shooting. The included XLR handle can be firmly connected to the fuselage through the MI smart accessory hot shoe without using any special tools, and three additional screw holes on the top and end respectively, can be firmly connected to the external monitor, Recorder, wireless microphone receiver, hot shoe kit accessories (cold shoe base) or other accessories.

In order to capture high-quality audio, the XLR handle of FX3 has two XLR / TRS audio input terminals. An XLR microphone can be purchased to directly transmit digital audio data to the camera to achieve better audio recording effects; the camera provides 24-bit 4 audio There are three recording formats to choose from. In addition, because the XLR adapter has been integrated into the handle, no additional wires or batteries are needed, making it easier to shoot.

FX3 uses a high-speed hybrid autofocus system with 627-point 4-phase detection AF points in video recording mode; equipped with real-time eye detection AF and touch tracking (real-time tracking) functions, just touch the LCD screen You can track and focus automatically on the subject on the camera; in addition, FX3 has added improved focus switching speed, focus switching sensitivity, custom operation and manual focus, etc., which is more in line with professional users’ auto focus function, in order to It can focus stably, flexibly and accurately in any situation, and makes it easier for creators to perform individual shooting operations.

The FX3 has a 5-axis optical image stabilization system with a built-in high-precision stabilization unit and a gyroscope sensor structure. It has a SteadyShot active mode. Even if it is handheld in 4K video recording mode, it can get a stable and clear picture. And through the image stabilization structure, the image data recorded by FX3 can be used for post-production through Catalyst Browse / Prepare to more conveniently complete vibration compensation and image adjustment.

More efficient scalability and operability

Taking into account the diverse shooting needs, FX3 pays special attention to professional control and operation design. In addition to the most frequently used buttons such as ISO, aperture and white balance adjustments in film shooting, they are set on the external handle and the top of the fuselage, which is convenient for individual creators to control with one hand. In addition, 140 functions in the setting menu can be assigned to 15 custom keys to achieve the highest operating efficiency. The zoom lever located above the external handle can control compatible power zoom lenses, and the clear image zoom can also be used for non-powered zoom lenses and fixed focus lenses, reducing image quality degradation and reducing the burden of changing lenses when shooting.

The front and back of the FX3 digital camera are equipped with video signal lights. The side-turning multi-angle touch LCD screen provides users with more simple and intuitive operation, and is suitable for installation on a stabilizer for shooting and multi-angle viewing. The flexible exposure mode enables FX3 digital cameras to have similar automatic/manual replacement operations to other FX series cameras. The aperture, shutter speed and ISO can be independently set, and can be locked/manual/automatically by short or long pressing the button Switch between modes.

FX3 is equipped with an innovative heat dissipation system, combined with the location of the heat sink, ventilation structure and silent cooling fan design, which can effectively achieve the heat dissipation effect and achieve 4K / 60p continuous recording without overheating shutdown. The new camera has a dust-proof, drip-proof design and sturdiness The magnesium alloy body shell also has USB PD (power delivery) support for fast charging for uninterrupted shooting, providing creators with higher reliability and durability.

Perfect scalability

FX3 supports multiple image specifications such as S-Log3 Gamma and S-Gamut3 Cine to preserve rich colors and gradation, record high dynamic range and wide color gamut; FX3 also simultaneously supports the built-in XAVC S™, XAVCS-I (4K QFHD and Full HD), and XAVC HS™ (MPEG-H HEVC / H.265 only applies to 4K) video format. Users can also use HDMI Type-A to output 4K 60p video in 10-bit 4:2:2 or 16-bit RAW format to an external device, providing a high degree of flexibility in post-production.

FX3 uses a dual card slot design, supports UHS-I and UHS-II SDXC / SDHC SD cards, and CFexpress Type A memory cards to achieve higher overall capacity and faster read/write capabilities. The same data can be recorded on two cards at the same time for backup. When the data of the first card is full during the recording process, the “relay” mode will automatically switch to the second card, allowing greater flexibility in image storage And reliability.

Sony FX3 can use high-speed wireless LAN function (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth) and wired LAN connection through a compatible USB/Ethernet adapter cable to effectively assist professional creators and ensure stable and reliable communication. FX3 can also be connected to the Imaging Edge Desktop application in a personal computer for remote shooting via Wi-Fi or super-speed USB 5Gbps transmission via the USB Type-C connection terminal, smoothly processing large image files.

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