Sony’s third-generation noise reduction bean WF-1000XM4 exposure: new industrial design, smaller size

The competition for true wireless headsets is getting fiercer. If noise reduction conditions are added, it is worth mentioning Apple AirPods Pro, BOSE Shark/Small Shark, Sony noise reduction beans, etc.

Almost two years after the release of the previous generation, the spy photos of Sony’s third-generation noise reduction bean (WF-1000XM4) were first exposed online.

Although the suffix is XM4, this is indeed Sony’s third-generation noise reduction bean, because there is no XM2, and XM is followed by XM3.

From the picture alone, the appearance of XM4 is completely different from XM3. The XM4 is more rounded and compact, and there is a golden cylinder at the end of the earplugs. The specific function is unknown.

According to the news, XM4 uses a custom-made memory foam for better wearing effect.

We have reason to believe that the XM4 will be better than the previous generation in terms of noise reduction performance, battery life, sound quality and other core experiences. In addition, we can also expect it to be equipped with a new noise reduction processor, Bluetooth 5.1/5.2 connection technology, etc. .

The current XM3 noise reduction beans are priced at CNY1299, and are available in black gold and platinum silver.

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