Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless Bluetooth headset evaluation, all aspects of performance are “Pro”

Since the mobile phone gradually cancelled the 3.5mm interface in 2016, wireless Bluetooth headsets with portable experience have begun to grow rapidly. Among them, TWS headsets have achieved a 29% growth in 2020, and shipments have reached 200 million units. With the development of TWS headsets, more and more users have put forward higher requirements for the functions they use. Among them, “noise reduction” has gradually become a rigid need for us in modern life. In daily life, whether we walk on the road, take public transportation, or study in office, there will always be noises such as the sound of cars whistling, the sound of running over the track, the sound of messy conversations and so on. When we wear noise-canceling headphones, they can effectively block out the messy noise, allowing us to focus more on work or study.

In response to the user’s demand for the noise reduction function of TWS headphones, Anker’s brother brand Soundcore recently launched a Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless Bluetooth headset. Since its inception, Soundcore has been focusing on the development and sales of headphones, speakers and other products. According to futuresource data, the sales share of Q2Soundcore, Jabra and Sony in the true wireless headset category has reached the same level in 2020. What kind of product will such a hard-powered brand launch? Next, I will share with you the real experience of this Soundcore noise reduction cabin.

The Soundcore noise reduction cabin has inherited the consistent style of this series of products in appearance design, mainly simple and fashionable, with the Soundcore logo printed in the middle, which is highly recognizable. Using PC material, the surface is covered with a skin-like coating. Compared with a smooth surface, it has a comfortable feel and is also scratch-resistant. The use of this coating also makes the design of the push cover opening and closing more comfortable to use.

There is an LED indicator on the side of the charging box, which is convenient for users to know the battery usage at any time. On the other side is the type-C interface and matching buttons. There are no other buttons and function buttons. There is a very obvious bump in the opening position of the box, which can be opened by pushing up along the edge. , The sliding cover has a certain damping effect, and it will automatically open after a slight push. The closing of the cover is also smooth. This operation can be completed with only one hand.

In addition to long-pressing the physical button for pairing, when the charging box is closed, just click this button to view the current remaining power, which can be clearly seen by the LED indicator.

Open the battery box, the internal design is still very concise style, this all exposed access method is more convenient than the plug-in access of Apple AirPods, and it is also more convenient to wipe the dust attached to the earphone box. . The earphone is charged by using the contacts and the earphone battery box. When the earphone is put in, it will automatically be adsorbed as long as the position is good.

The headset adopts a common in-ear design. In order to store the battery and perform gesture operations, an external vertical body is also designed. The surface design is clear and easy to touch. The in-ear part is rounded. During the wearing process, the overall in-ear design does not bring a strong sense of weight and pressure, because the ergonomic design is fully considered, which can meet the wearing comfort of most people, and it is not easy to fall after wearing. , Even going out or jogging for exercise is no problem. There are 8 alternative earplugs included for a wider range of adaptation.

Soundcore noise reduction cabin adopts mainstream touch operation, which is much easier to operate than physical buttons. The operation is not complicated. After a period of adaptation, the application is very smooth, and users can also set it on the APP according to their needs.

In addition to directly pairing and connecting with mobile phones and other devices, Soundcore provides users with an APP called Soundcore, which provides users with richer custom features, such as different types of noise reduction mode selections. After pairing with headphones, users not only You can choose different noise reduction modes as needed, and you can also customize the control gestures; customize your own music style by testing your hearing sensitivity, and make this TWS headset more in line with everyone’s different habits through the rich functions on the APP.

The biggest feature of this Soundcore noise reduction cabin is the five-in-one multi-scene double-feed noise reduction function-a combination of 3 noise reduction modes + 2 transparency modes. In the APP, users can choose from three modes: commuting, outdoor, and indoor. Noise reduction modes of different frequency bands are provided for different needs. For example, the commuter mode mainly reduces low-frequency noise, which can well filter out the background background when commuting on the subway. Noisy, outdoor mode can reduce the low frequency and intermediate frequency at the same time, the noisy background sound and human voice of the whole environment are well filtered. Because there is little low-frequency noise indoors, it is mainly filtered for mid-frequency noise.

This subdivision of the mode can ensure that users can effectively reduce the human voice when used outdoors and indoors, help focus, and make office or study more efficient during wearing. This more detailed scene distinction also has obvious advantages over the current single noise reduction mode of AirPods Pro. The optional noise reduction mode of the Soundcore noise reduction cabin allows users to use a single noise reduction mode to produce a strong negative pressure feeling. With a certain degree of relaxation, it makes the wearing experience more comfortable, even if it is worn for a long time, there will still be no discomfort.

The two transparent modes are divided into human voice and full transparency. For example, when you commute, select the human voice transparent mode, which can not only effectively filter out noisy background low-frequency sounds such as subways and buses, but also further enhance the human voice, making it easier to wear headphones Communicate with colleagues or friends around you. You can also choose the fully transparent mode when walking and crossing the road outdoors, so that the wearer can hear and perceive all the surrounding sounds during the running process, ensuring safe use outdoors. The choice of multiple transparent modes is obviously more in line with user needs than Apple’s AirPods Pro only provides a fully transparent mode.

Of course, in addition to these modes, the Soundcore noise reduction cabin also provides the adjustment of the noise reduction level, which can be adjusted freely according to the size of the external noise and its own needs. For example, after a long time indoor wear, the noise reduction level can be appropriately adjusted to reduce ear pressure and improve The comfort level of wearing.

In the APP, Soundcore also provides users with the HearID function, which can test the user’s hearing sensitivity at different frequencies, and perform sound quality calibration based on the monitoring results to customize personalized EQ for users. The sound quality is customized based on the hearing curve of the human ear, and users can also make customized modifications on the basis of customization. For example, choose the type of music you like and combine HearID with that type of music to further optimize EQ. In the course of use, it is constantly modified according to user habits to bring a music style that is more in line with the user’s own habits.

In addition to the multiple modes of noise reduction options and the HearID function tailored to the user, the Soundcore noise reduction cabin also has a very good performance in some basic functions. In terms of hardware, the Soundcore noise reduction cabin has improved the connectivity issues that everyone cares about when using it. Compared with the previous Bluetooth 4.2 headset, it has lower power consumption, faster pairing, stronger compatibility, and more stable signal transmission.

In terms of sound quality, the performance of the Soundcore noise reduction cabin is also remarkable. Using 10 layers of high hardness coating. Among them, the excellent rigid dome speaker can make full use of the light and strong structure, and the 10-layer stack can maintain the rigidity of the diaphragm dome even during high-frequency vibration. This kind of diaphragm design can further increase the audio bandwidth, ensure the performance of the treble, and also have excellent reproducibility, making the music details more abundant. Of course, the performance of the low frequency is also brilliant, the dive is mellow, and the atmosphere is very strong when playing music.

This product has been recommended by 10 Grammy musicians, which is enough to prove its excellent performance in sound quality. Among them, the extensibility in the high frequency is the most satisfying to me. The extension is wide, the listening feeling is stable, the line feeling is meticulous and clear, and there is no very abrupt performance. I personally feel that this headset is very suitable for listening to all kinds of popular music, whether it is folk, country or vocal-based rap music, it has a good restoration and fidelity effect.

to sum up

In short, the Soundcore noise reduction cabin left a deep impression on me when it was used. Although positioned as a true wireless Bluetooth headset, it has a good performance in terms of sound quality. Thanks to the blessing of ten layers of high hardness coating, the headset has a better treble performance as a whole. In terms of appearance, it continues its usual simple fashion, compact and lightweight style, and the damping sliding cover has the effect of a decompression artifact. The design of the headset is also closer to the ergonomic design, bringing a comfortable and stable wearing feeling. The 3 noise reduction modes and 2 transparency modes give users more choices when wearing them. The AirPods Pro priced at 999 yuan can be said to be much cheaper than the nearly 2,000 yuan AirPods Pro, and the subdivision of the noise reduction mode makes the Soundcore noise reduction cabin closer to the user’s habits in use, and is equipped with a dedicated APP for custom settings , These rich gameplay is very worth experiencing.

Since its inception, Soundcore has been focusing on the development and sales of headphones, speakers and other products. Products are sold in more than 50 countries in 5 continents, and currently have more than 20 million users. This time Soundcore is focusing on the noise reduction function, making the noise reduction experience of TWS headset products more in line with user needs and smarter. The launch of the Soundcore noise reduction cabin also changed people’s perception of portable wireless Bluetooth headsets with practical actions, bringing a different innovative experience to listeners from sound quality to noise reduction mode.

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