Space charging turned out expert: technology is not difficult, the key is habit and price

According to recent news, this week Motorola and Xiaomi successively demonstrated air charging technology.

Regarding this new technology, some experts said that there are no technical difficulties in achieving air-to-air charging. The key is habit and price.

According to Xiaomi’s introduction, Xiaomi’s space-to-air charging technology has built-in 5 phase interference antennas, which can position the mobile phone in millisecond space and accurately detect the position of the mobile phone. The phase control array composed of 144 antennas can transmit millimeter waves to the mobile phone through beamforming. The mobile phone is received by the micro beacon antenna, which can be charged at a distance of 5 watts within a few meters.

In the application scenario, multiple devices can also be charged at the same time, even if foreign objects obstruct the charging efficiency. Whether the mobile phone is held in the pocket or in the hand, it can automatically charge in the air, freeing the charging from the shackles of wires and charging bases and entering the era of true wireless.

Previously, Zhang Jialiang, the father of OPPO’s flash charging, also explained the space charging technology, indicating that the space charging is a yearning for the future charging technology.

Its characteristic is that it is an active charging technology that first locates the phone and then charges. If the phone does not move, it will be locked and the power will gradually increase to achieve faster charging. Once the path is interrupted, it will rescan.

Some netizens said that once the technology is mature and used in electric vehicles, can it be charged while running?

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