Tencent applied for a robot trademark, including previously published wheel-legged robots

On June 3, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the trademarks “Ollie”, “JAMOCA” and “Max”. The international classification covers 9 types of scientific instruments.

Ollie, JAMOCA, and Max are robots launched by Tencent, among which Ollie is the latest wheel-legged robot.

On June 3, Tencent announced the new member of Tencent Robotics X Lab-the wheel-legged robot Ollie. Ollie has both wheeled advantages and leg ability. It moves fast on flat ground, has high efficiency, low noise, and can adapt to uneven ground, jump through steps, etc., and has a strong ability to overcome obstacles.

It is understood that Tencent Laboratories has developed three generations of robots before, and Ollie has fully integrated and iterated laboratory technology accumulation in the mechanical body, complete machine system and control software. Related research papers on wheel-legged robots are also included in this ICRA. The wheel-legged robot Ollie is still in the research and development stage, and the construction of various functional modules such as perception and load will be expanded.

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