Tencent’s “Gamepad” Appearance Patent Approved, and the Buttons are Complete in Pink and Gray Color

Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yuxun Network Technology Co., Ltd. have been authorized to publish a patent named “Gamepad”, the application date is November 2020, and the publication number is CN306433411S. The patent abstract shows that the design product is used for gaming and entertainment, and the key point of the design lies in the shape of the product.

The button layout of this handle is very similar to the Xbox Series X’s own handle, with two bright yellow circular direction keys and classic XYBA buttons.

There are buttons on the shoulder and bottom of the handle for easy manipulation with index finger and ring finger. There is a wired interface directly in front of the handle, which is expected to be charged and compatible with wireless mode.

The Aurora box game console previously launched by Tencent is also equipped with a similar gamepad. The device has a built-in START cloud game and supports 1080P 60fps. The cloud games include “NBA2K OL2”, “The King of Fighters 14”, “The Original God” and “Gu Jian Qi Tan San” Wait.

In addition to the powder-gray color handle, Tencent also showed a pure black color in the patent, which is even more cool.

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