The best printer recommendation for small businesses in 2021: Canon Maxify MB5420

If you run a small company, you may need to print a lot of documents, not just any printer. You will want a printer that works fast (so you don’t have people standing in line and complaining angrily), and a printer that can handle the strict requirements of frequent printing without breaking.

Enter Canon Maxify MB5420. MB5420’s compact cubic body is suitable for any office or residence. Although it may not be the most beautiful horse in the stable, it can hold a lot of weight. This printer can hold up to 500 sheets of paper (layed on two trays). As we mentioned in the review, it can print monochrome documents (10ppm for color documents) at a speed of 22.2ppm. The important thing is that it can withstand heavy work. The monthly “work” cycle of the printer is 2000 pages, which is sufficient for any small business.

As an all-in-one device, Canon Maxify MB5420 can do more than just print; it can also fax, copy, and scan. As we said in our review, “the documents we scanned show accurate colors and details.” “Although it is not the cheapest printer in the world, the price of MB5420 gives you a lot of miles.

Canon’s Maxify series of inkjet printers are mainly designed for small businesses and home offices, and for those environments, the new Maxify MB5420 is an amazing multifunctional product. It is versatile, has many functions, and provides high print volume.

Its price puts this printer at the top of the consumer multifunction/all-in-one segment, but we think the features that make the Maxify MB5420 appeal to its target audience also make it a powerful choice for home users, printing a lot, and can be used Various functions provided. Of course, this is too much damage for some people, but it is useful for others. Frankly speaking, for any small business, this is stealing.

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