The best solution for full screen! Expose Xiaomi’s new flagship uses under-screen cameras

On April 23, the blogger broke the news that Xiaomi’s new flagship uses an under-screen camera, and the new folding screen flagship is also a proactive under-screen.

In the second half of last year, Xiaomi announced the third-generation under-screen camera technology, which has reached the mass production level, and the official said that it will be mass-produced and commercialized this year.

It innovatively uses a new self-developed pixel arrangement and redesigns the pixel drive circuit to further increase the light transmittance of the camera area under the screen. Combined with Xiaomi’s self-developed camera optimization algorithm, it achieves almost the same as the conventional front camera. Imaging performance.

Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of Redmi brand, said that Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera technology has solved two major problems in the industry. One is whether the display in the hole area is visually the same as other areas (pixel compensation); It is the transmittance of the camera’s Selfie and the color cast caused by it.

Lu Weibing emphasized that Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera must be the most advanced technology at present, which will be the best solution for the full-screen era.

The specific name of the new flagship that uses the under-screen camera technology is still uncertain, and it may be a new product of the MIX series.

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