The buttons, openings, and frames all disappear! Millet four-curved waterfall screen: 360°no dead angle

In the future, can mobile phones be simpler and purer? Today, Xiaomi officially released the first four-curved waterfall screen concept phone, bringing the “only one screen” future mobile phone form closer to us.

The machine adopts an 88° super curved screen design on all sides, allowing the picture to flow around like water, like a crystal drop on the table. Almost all the surrounding frames are replaced by screens, and the fuselage has no openings or buttons, which truly realizes a one-piece, non-porous future design.

With the support of innovative screen stacking design and breakthrough 3D laminating technology, Xiaomi’s four-curved waterfall screen concept phone successfully overcomes the bending stress caused by the extreme bending angle and extremely small bending radius, allowing deep bending of the four-curved glass It fits perfectly with the flexible screen to achieve a flawless screen performance.

At the same time, through 46 self-developed patented technologies, the Xiaomi Siqu waterfall screen concept phone makes the physical buttons and all openings truly disappear.

Ultra-thin piezoceramics realize external sound generation, the industry’s first flexible film screen sound technology to replace earpieces, in addition to high-power wireless charging, pressure-sensitive buttons, third-generation under-screen lenses, eSIM cards and other innovative technologies. Let the one-piece non-porous future design become a reality.

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