The most “cow” millet 11: To arrange protective shell

This morning, Xiaomi officially released an interactive Weibo about Xiaomi 11 mobile phones, saying, is this the legendary, the best Xiaomi 11 in the entire network? In addition, in the comments, netizens called on Xiaomi to produce a genuine or related mobile phone case.

In the picture, the two rear cameras of Mi 11 have become the cow’s eyes. A camera and flash form the cow’s nostrils. This cow holds ice cream in his hand and poses as a scissors hand.

Some netizens suggested buying the copyright. Xiaomi’s Weibo account replied that it made sense. Another netizen hoped that Xiaomi would launch related mobile phone cases. The official said, “I will arrange it.” In addition, some netizens suggested that the ice cream should be replaced by beer. .

It seems that Xiaomi mobile phone intends to launch a “bull” theme protective case for Xiaomi 11 mobile phone.

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