The most suitable inkjet printing for ultra-small size photos: Epson Epson XP-15000

The consumer-grade Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 large format inkjet printer is suitable for printing ultra-small size photos. The output quality is comparable to more expensive professional models. It is a very cost-effective alternative to professional photo printers.

When it comes to consumer-grade inkjet photo printers, it is the only printer I know before Epson photo HD XP-15000 wide format printers. The machine prints very well, especially for photos. The price is the same, but xp-15000 has Better paper operation options and connection features, as well as a more modern and convenient control panel, are enough to ease it to our preferred slot-width format consumer-level photo printer.


The XP-15000 replaced the company’s larger and heavier Artisan 1430. The XP-15000 measures 6.3 × 18.7 × 14.5 inches (HWD). Its drawers and trays are closed. It weighs 18.7 pounds. It is small for wide-format printers, but large enough for many families and families. Small offices may have difficulty finding a place to put it. Even so, the Canon iP8720 is about the same size except for a few inches wide.

Paper handling in the XP-15000 consists of two input sources: a 200-page ordinary paper tray in front, and a 50-page feed-mainly for high-quality photos and wide-format paper at the back of the machine. The printed page will be placed on the automatic output tray when needed. Both machines also allow you to print labels on pre-surfaced CDs, and insert them with the matching software to design and print CDs and jewelry boxes. In addition, XP-15000 can print borderless pages of all sizes from 4 by 6 inches to 13 by 19 inches.

XP-15000’s connection options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, connection to a single PC via USB, and USB host. In addition to Wi-Fi direct, other mobile options include a combination of Epson connected cloud connection functions: Epson email printing, Epson remote printing, Epson iPrint app (iOS, Android) for connecting to various cloud sites, and for creating calendars and greeting cards. Creative printing application (iOS, Android) templates, etc. Third-party connection support includes Android printing, Apple AirPrint, Fire OS printing, Google Cloud Print and Mopria.

Because all the XP-15000 does is printing, it does not require much control panel. What you get is a 2.4-inch LCD screen with a set of buttons for navigating menus and working applications and profiles on the screen.


Epson’s evaluation of the XP-15000 is 9.2 monochrome pages per minute (ppm), which is similar to the speed ratings of several other consumer-grade photo printers. (I tested it on a standard Intel Core i5 test bench PC running Windows 10 Professional via Ethernet.) Canon Pixma iP8720 tested it with different documents and hardware under different methods; compared its speed to XP-15000 The comparison is unrealistic.

In other words, when printing our 12-page Microsoft Word text document, I measured the XP-15000 to be 7.9ppm, which is more than 1ppm lower than its level. Epson’s own Expression Premium ET-7750 ($901.54 on Amazon), a tabloid-sized (11 x 17 inches) five-ink EcoTank printer, prints the same document at 13.8ppm, HP’s business-oriented OfficeJet Pro 7720, and another A tabloid-sized model that can print 23.4ppm. However, office-oriented AIOs such as the HP 7720 are expected to surpass photo-centric models.


Inkjet printers usually print photos well; photo-centric inkjet printers usually print photos without adjustments than inkjet printers to enhance photo output. The more colors a photo-centric inkjet uses, the better it usually prints. The six-ink photo output of Epson and Canon has always been the best I have ever seen. However, this is the first time I have seen photos printed on a regular printer with Epson Claria Ultra HD ink. XP-15000 is one of the best photos I have ever seen. Its printer is not aimed at professional photographers.

The XP-15000 has twice the number of ink nozzles (90 vs. 180) of the Artisan 1430 it replaces. In addition, Epson replaced light cyan and light magenta inks with red and gray inks, which, according to the company, increases the color gamut and enhances grayscale images. Through how well XP-15000 prints our sample grayscale images, and the vibrant and accurate colors in our color test images, this seems to be accurate.

Also impressive are the 13 x 19-inch borderless photos and artwork I printed; they are reminiscent of Epson’s own 12-ink SureColor professional photography model, such as SureColor P5000, or Canon’s imagePrograf Pro-1000. print.

It printed our business charts well in other business-oriented documents, which also impressed me. The fill and gradient are solid colors, without any obvious banding (except for a file with a dark green to black gradient, which is hard to notice even then). The hairline (rule 1 o’clock and below) is printed solid and complete from beginning to end, with bright and accurate colors.

Finally, the text document I printed is also very nice. The standard serif and sans serif fonts are very clear, even beyond the level that I need to zoom in to understand. The decorative fonts we tested were a bit malformed and difficult to read when I was accustomed to seeing larger fonts, but most of the text quality and print quality were quite good.


It is difficult to determine the operating cost of a printer with six inks (instead of four) and oversized pages (more than twice the standard page) because I don’t know when the extra ink will be deployed and when it will be deployed. How much ink is released. The cost estimate of any page, including inks that exceed the original cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, is just a good guess.

Replace professional photo printer

Generally speaking, to obtain wide-format artwork and photos, you need to buy a professional-quality photo printer yourself, or rent a printer from a service agency. The former option is not only expensive (starting at about twice the price of XP-15000), but the price of the ink itself (remember, some of them use up to 12 inks) is often prohibitive-especially for those with a limited budget Junior artists and photographers. Of course, the Epson Emoji Photo HD XP-15000 Wireless Wide Format Printer is designed for home users, but it is also a wise starting point for novices and future professional photographers.

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