The new AirPods Pro exposure: completely cancel the headphone handle, is expected to debut in April

After Apple canceled the bonus earphones in the mobile phone packaging, it launched the AirPods wireless earphones, which completely set off the trend of true wireless earphones.

Apple currently has two portable wireless headset products, AirPods and AirPods Pro.

According to the latest news, AirPods Pro is expected to be updated in the first half of this year, and Apple will launch a new generation of AirPods Pro wireless noise reduction headphones.

Supply chain news shows that Winbond will become one of the NOR flash memory suppliers for the new AirPods Pro. They have been running the NOR flash memory production line at close to full capacity for the past six months.

According to the previously exposed information, the new AirPods Pro will usher in huge changes in the appearance design. Apple will completely cancel the “headphone handle” design of existing products. The main body of the headset will adopt a chocolate bean-like design, which is larger than the previous generation. Significantly reduced, and the appearance is more rounded.

Thanks to this, the volume of the new AirPods Pro charging box will be further reduced, and the headset overall will be more portable.

It is worth noting that there are still some rumors that the new AirPods will also be unveiled with the new AirPods Pro. Apple will be equipped with a similar design for both, both using a more compact and handleless design.

Although the overall appearance remains synchronized, the new AirPods do not support noise reduction systems, and the price will be relatively lower. The two will be complementary to different consumer markets, but the waterproof and dustproof capabilities are expected to be improved.

As for the specific release time, it is reported that the new AirPods and the new AirPods Pro are expected to be officially unveiled in April, which will be released at the same time as the iPhone SE Plus.

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