The new choice of NAS with 0 difficulty of getting started, Extreme Space Z2 makes data worry-free

I believe that many people do not feel too deeply about the term “data is priceless” because they have not experienced the pain of data loss. For example, two PPTs that were made by working overtime all night are suddenly lost due to hard disk over; or mother’s mobile phone is lost, and the baby’s photos and videos for several years can no longer be retrieved, etc. These may happen at any time, so the data is far more than What you imagine is more important.

“Cloud” storage was also born based on such a demand, and quickly gained recognition from users. However, with the development of cloud storage, users also encounter many problems in their daily use, such as frequent data leakage incidents, slow transmission speeds, and so on. In addition, many cloud disks require recharged members to enjoy high-speed performance, which is a long-term expense. To this end, Extreme Space has launched a new private cloud product Z2, which can perfectly solve the above-mentioned problems.

For the same cloud storage, Extreme Space Z2 moved the invisible and intangible cloud to its side, because the data will be stored locally, which is more secure than storing it in the cloud. As for the ease of use and function? Let’s learn about this product together.

Out of the box Polar Space Z2

There are two products released by Extreme Space, Z2 and Z4. This is the Z2 for individual users and home users. It has family characteristics in terms of design style, and it is difficult to connect with cold IT products. At present, the product has 5 color options, including titanium gray, fantasy blue, starry blue, dark night green, and snowy mountain white, which can be described as elegant in appearance.

In terms of workmanship, the Extreme Space Z2 is made of warm and moisturizing skin-like silicone material, which feels very good to the touch and can also play a non-slip effect.

The four rubber foot pads at the bottom can solve the hard disk resonance problem well, and the reserved heat dissipation holes can well assist the hard disk heat dissipation.

All the operating areas of the Extreme Space Z2 are on the front and rear panels, and the front panel door adopts a quick-opening buckle type. When you open it, you can see two USB3.0 ports and a power-on button. An 8CM ultra-quiet fan on the back provides active heat dissipation of the hard drive. Below are the reset hole, power interface, and network interface.

It’s not that complicated, and it’s easy to install Extreme Space Z2

Just as it takes a few steps to put an elephant in the refrigerator, the installation method of the Extreme Space Z2 is also extremely simple. There is a screw above the fan on the back of the Extreme Space Z2. After unscrewing, you can easily pick up the upper cover, and then install the hard disk according to the interface orientation. The size of the hard disk to install depends entirely on the user’s needs, so you can buy it according to your needs.

Easy to install and easy to use can be said to be a major feature of Extreme Space. Although it is a lightweight NAS product, when you hear the name NAS, you will associate it with complicated settings. After assembling the hardware, power on the Extreme Space Z2 and place it next to the router. It’s that simple.

In the second step, you need to download the Extreme Space Private Cloud APP on the mobile phone, and then let the phone and Extreme Space Z2 be in the same wireless network, and pair and connect according to the above prompts.

After the registration is completed, the system will prompt the user which backup method to choose. There are two modes, namely RAID1 full double backup and ZDR dynamic double backup.

In the APP, Extreme Space Z2 has a detailed introduction to each backup method. Users can choose according to their actual needs. Here, the ZDR dynamic dual backup recommended by the system is selected. This mode only backs up the part set by the user, so that you can make full use of the disk space to store more data.

After the formatting is complete, you will see the user interface of Extreme Space Z2. The 3-minute beginner’s guide is very practical. Some commonly used software can quickly help users familiarize themselves with the operation. It is recommended that novice players who do not have similar experience take a closer look.

Administrator users can also remotely manage Extreme Space Z2, including hardware device information, viewing the operating status of the private cloud, viewing the operating temperature of the private cloud and CPU usage, etc., which can be viewed through the mobile APP. Having said that, the installation of the entire product has come to an end. After the experience, the difficulty of using the NAS is indeed reduced. This is still very worthy of recognition.

The function is simple and practical, completely solve the data security problem

Mobile phones are currently the most commonly used electronic devices for many users, so the data generated on the mobile phones will disappear due to loss or damage. Extreme Space Z2 provides a mobile phone backup function for mobile phone backup, which can easily help users to back up mobile phone photo albums and WeChat files.

The whole process is very simple and convenient. Just turn on the automatic backup of the album, and choose to backup under WIFI, and then check the album that needs to be backed up.

WeChat backup is also very important. Sometimes colleagues or relatives and friends send pictures or files, but they ignore it at the time, and when they want to watch them later, the files are displayed as expired and they are cleaned up. When you have Extreme Space Z2, after receiving the file on WeChat, you only need to save it to the designated directory of Extreme Space Z2 with one click, and the embarrassment of file cleaning will no longer occur.

Through the test, the speed of backing up photos under WIFI network is very fast. The above GIF diagram can well reflect the backup speed, and not only photos but also some video files are backed up, so there is no need to worry about the backup speed. It took more than 2 minutes to back up all 1432 photos and videos, and 20% of them were recorded videos. It would be faster if all photos were backed up.

In the test of backing up WeChat files under the WIFI network, it only takes 3-4 seconds for a 54MB PPT to backup to Extreme Space Z2, and the average speed is close to 10MB/s.

In the test of backing up WeChat files under the 4G mobile external network, it is the same file. The actual transmission speed is 1.2MB/s. This speed is no problem in dealing with WeChat file storage.

Taking into account that users often use browsing, sharing and other operations after they back up their photos to Extreme Space Z2, Z2 has added the Extreme Album function, and all original images are stored, and no files are compressed to ensure the quality of the files.

The intelligent organization added by Ji Album can make it convenient for users to see the photos they want to see anytime and anywhere. Z2 can organize albums according to events, locations, people, and time. In addition, free sharing is also one of the highlights. You can share videos or pictures to friends or circle of friends anytime, anywhere. Of course, Extreme Space Z2 can also set up family members, the first to be used is called the “administrator”, which has the highest management authority. The added “ordinary user” has the right to use it, which is convenient for family data sharing.

In addition, the de-duplication function of Extreme Album is very practical. Sometimes some repeated backup photos affect the search for files and take up space, so this function can solve this problem.

Another major feature of the Polar Space Z2 is the Polar Film and Television function, which can be said to be the most highly matched in the industry. Compared with Qunhui’s videostation, plex, kodi and other programs, it is still a lot ahead.

By uploading several popular movies, it can be well matched, and help you optimize the best poster image, provide the most complete introduction, cast and crew information, etc., and automatically match and download subtitles. Intelligent classification and sorting, to help you sort, sort and search movies and TV dramas.

Extreme Movies can support hundreds of video formats, including Blu-ray ISO, BDMV, MKV, etc., and mainstream video formats can be kept playing.

Even if you are on a business trip, you can use your mobile phone 4G to access the Polar Space Z2 at home to remotely play video. After testing, it basically does not need to be buffered for too long, and the process is smooth and not stuck.

Extreme Space Z2 is definitely your loyal remote assistant

The fundamental reason why many users choose cloud storage is that they can access data anytime and anywhere, and Extreme Space Z2 can be achieved in the simplest way, whether it is a mobile phone user or a PC user.

When we are not on the home wireless network, as long as there is a 4G signal, we can open the JiSpace APP, and then we can access the JiPhoto Album, JiMovie and other sections, and realize remote data transfer. As shown in the picture above, you can share the contents of Ji Photo Album to good friends at any time. At the same time, you can back up the data just generated under 4G and make a backup.

Another scenario is that the user is in the company and can access the Polar Space Z2 at home through the company’s network. Just enter in the browser to remotely log in to the Polar Space Z2 interface to complete remote operations.

In fact, many NAS users use the most remote downloading of high-definition videos. Therefore, Extreme Space Z2 also has two built-in download channels, one is the built-in download function; the other is the third-party Thunder download, which can complement each other very well. .

There is also a very useful remote function that can automatically back up the cloud content of the existing network disk.

to sum up:

From the perspective of use, the Extreme Space Z2 should be the easiest NAS product to get started, and it is very suitable for users such as homes and personal studios. For home users, the extremely fool-like album backup and file management make it easy for data to be backed up and shared. Mom no longer has to worry about the loss of the baby’s data.

For video enthusiasts, Extreme Video can meet everyone’s demand for movies and TV shows, and can easily provide video sharing services for TVs, boxes, pads, etc.

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