The new iPad Pro uses M1 processor + 16G memory

The 2021 iPad Pro, which debuted at the spring conference this week, really attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Although the appearance is still the same, the configuration is much more generous, including M1 processor, up to 16GB RAM+2TB ROM, USB 4.0 interface supporting Thunderbolt 3 protocol, 5G network and 12.9-inch mini LED display.

In the exchange, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing Greg Joswiak and senior vice president of hardware research and development John Ternus shared some unknown details.

Previously, the outside world had speculated that the iPad Pro would be equipped with an A14X processor, with performance similar to that of the M1 but slightly sacrificed, but they did not expect Apple to do so. For this choice, Joswiak explained that the processor must be ahead of the APP, and you cannot wait for the throughput of the program to exceed the processing capacity of the system.

When asked whether this implies that some applications that are more powerful than Adobe and Affinity suites such as Final Cut Pro will be launched on the iPad Pro, Joswiak cleverly avoided. He emphasized that “I hope that users can buy an iPad that will not immediately become obsolete.”

As for the 12.9-inch miniLED display used exclusively this time, Terns believes that the biggest challenge is to achieve such a small size. After all, the iPad is thinner and lighter than the Pro Display XDR display. He revealed that Apple has redesigned the backlight module and integrated up to 10,000 LED light control chips on the iPad Pro.

In addition, note that the two executives also both emphasized that the above-mentioned technological leaps rely heavily on the implementation of internal technologies developed by Apple itself.

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