The new product of Xiaomi Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner is officially on sale: self-developed fresh air system

News on May 13 According to Xiaomi’s Smart Life Weibo news, Mijia’s brand-new fresh air air conditioner series new products are officially on sale. The air conditioner adopts a self-developed fresh air system and has a new first-class energy efficiency of 1.5 hp.

IT Home understands that the new air conditioner adopts a new generation of dual-hybrid fresh air system and self-developed centrifugal turbocharging technology, which can deeply purify the outdoor air, and then through the second pressurization to release fresh air, you can breathe mild fresh oxygen at home. . The self-developed fresh air system technology can achieve 40m3/h of large fresh air without expanding or re-opening holes, and efficiently dilute harmful indoor gases.

In terms of parameters, this fresh air air conditioner has a rated cooling capacity of 3500W and a rated heating capacity of 4900W. The air conditioner uses a frequency conversion motor, the indoor unit’s noise can be as low as 23dB, and the outdoor unit uses R32 refrigerant.

This product was officially launched at Xiaomi Jingdong’s self-operated flagship store on the morning of May 13, with an official price of CNY2699.

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