The new ROG gaming phone has the Snapdragon 888 flagship with the largest battery so far

The new ROG gaming phone is a straight screen design, and the back design language is similar to the previous generation, using horizontally arranged lens modules.

The huge logo below indicates that the new ROG game phone may adopt an Anime Matrix matrix lighting effect similar to the Magic 14 game book, and support custom lighting effects and patterns.

A red button on the side may be a physical game button or a game mode opening button. The words Tencent Games on the back mean that the new machine will continue to cooperate with Tencent Games.

In terms of core configuration, the new ROG gaming phone still continues the advantages of the previous generation of large-capacity batteries, with a battery capacity of 6000mAh, which is the flagship of the Snapdragon 888 with the largest battery so far.

Not only that, the new ROG gaming phone uses a 6.78-inch OLED full screen with a size of 172.83mm×77.25mm×10.29mm and supports super fast charging.

It is worth noting that the new product may be named ROG gaming phone 5, which is expected to be officially announced soon.

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