The new Roidmi NEX VX wireless vacuum cleaner is only 431.59 US dollars, Super Suction 26.5KPa 150W 2500mAh * 8 battery

ROIDMI NEX VX wireless sweeping and mopping self-cleaning vacuum cleaner

Buy Roidmi NEX VX at $431.59 on Aliexpress

One button self-cleaning, no stooping, no dirty hands

Put the floor brush into the self-cleaning station, and start the cleaning mode with one button to clean the mop independently. Without bending down and dirty hands, the cleaning and drying can be completed.

Siphon type strong cleaning mop, cleaner than hand washing.

One key siphon type strong cleaning mop, equivalent to hand scrubbing for 10 minutes, cleaner and more hygienic.

Dry the mop quickly, easier than twisting it by hand

After cleaning the mop of the floor brush, it will be automatically reversed and dried, so that you can easily wring the mop without dirtying your hands.

Double-rotor high-speed strong wiping of the ground, cleaner than manual wiping

The powerful dual-wheel assist with up to 200 rpm, the strong torque is equivalent to the continuous high-speed wiping with both hands at the same time.

Synchronize suction and wipe, no matter how much garbage you can do at the same time

Whether it is dander or broken particles, first gather it through the internal rotation of the mop, and then suck it away by the hidden dust suction port, and you will no longer be afraid of garbage residue after mopping.

It can be dry or wet mopped.

The electronically controlled water tank is slightly leaky, which means it can be wiped and dried quickly.

The dual-rotating electric mopping brush of Roidmi uses a smart chip to micro-control the water to keep the mop wet and dry quickly.

A mop of good material is the key to floor cleaning.

The mop is newly upgraded and powerfully decontaminates. Whether it is water or oil stains or overturned milk, it can be easily dealt with. Repeated washing, still maintain long-lasting cleaning ability.

One machine has multiple functions to meet the cleaning needs of different scenes.

270° two-way handle, transmit downward pressure, solve stubborn stains.
To solve stubborn stains, downward pressure is the key. 270° two-way handle design, just press down slightly, stubborn stains can be removed instantly.

The ultra-thin narrow side track design makes it easy to clean the bottom and corners of the furniture.

The Roidmi dual-rotating electric floor scrubbing brush adopts an ultra-thin narrow-sided track circle design, which reduces the size of the body without reducing the area of ​​the floor. It can also be flexibly wiped and vacuumed.

Vacuum and mop the floor, switch at any time
Roidmi NEX VX high-end standard equipped with dual suction and mopping brushes, which integrates a wireless vacuum cleaner and a wireless mopping machine into one, and deep cleaning can be done in one machine.

A new generation of NEX VX

Interpreting the future of clean technology

The products come from the ROIDMI team, which has won many global design awards, with silver and black color matching and LED smart screens to create a new clean black technology of the NEX series.

80 minutes long battery life

LG high-rate power lithium battery

Continue to improve the intelligent BMS battery management technology, allowing you to clean as you wish.

150W suction power

120,000 rpm brushless digital motor

The optimized system of Engine-X 2.0 greatly improves the energy efficiency ratio while bringing stronger performance and lower noise.

8-cone cyclone dust-gas separation

Air-X 2.0 air duct system

The 8 parallel tornadoes separate the dust and throw it into the dust cup to avoid clogging of the air duct and reduce the suction power, and avoid frequent cleaning of the filter.

Suitable for various scenes of the ground

V-type universal roller brush, a brush dual-purpose, both the advantages of soft velvet and carbon fiber, while realizing the floor and carpet cleaning of the whole scene.

6-stage powerful filtration

Air purifier on vacuum cleaner

The dual-core 6-layer air filtration system from ROIDMI air purifier, the metal mesh cover filters large particles, and the front and rear dual filter elements do double purification.

LED smart screen

The cleaning status is clearly visible

Real-time display of machine status, including remaining operating time of the vacuum cleaner, reminder of missing HEPA, full dust reminder, Bluetooth connection and error reminder, etc.

Smart APP control, your cleaning smart housekeeper

Roidmi NEX VX is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, and you can check the battery state, cleaning time, dust-full reminder and filter replacement by opening the APP.

Magnetic wireless charging

Recharge with just one touch, take it and use it anytime

0.55L super large dust cup

One-click dump design without dirty hands

One-key dumping design, you only need to press lightly, your hands won’t get dusty. The capacity of the dust cup is upgraded to 0.55L, and the dust only needs to be poured once to clean 450㎡.

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