The new tracking transparency feature in iOS 14.5 is widely enabled

At the end of last month, the official version of iOS 14.5 arrived. This is the most important update of iOS 14 so far. It brings support for unlocking iPhone without password after the Apple Watch is close when wearing a mask, iPhone 12 series dual card dual 5G support, App tracking transparency function , Siri can choose a variety of tones, support for AirTag, etc.

The App Tracking Transparency function is considered to be a major privacy and security measure that may change the industry. According to Apple’s explanation, App tracking transparency allows you to control which apps can track your activities in other companies’ apps and websites to provide advertisements or share with data agencies.

Regarding this feature, the research institute Flurry Analytics tracked 2.5 million users in North America and showed that only 4% of users allowed APP to obtain their advertising identification ID, and 96% of users refused.

5.3 million tracking in the global market shows that 11% of users allow access.

In addition, the system’s built-in “Allow App Request Tracking” function is directly turned off by 4% of users, that is, no tracking is allowed, while only 2% of users in North America turn it off.

It is worth mentioning that during the May 1st holiday, Apple pushed the official version of iOS 14.5.1, which fixed that some users may not receive the app when they re-enable it after disabling “Allow App Request Tracking” in the “Settings”. The prompted App tracks transparency-related issues, while providing important security updates, and it is recommended that all users install it.

However, the current APP tracking transparency function has just passed 10,000 models, and the APP Store has 2 million apps.

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