The new trend of mobile phone appearance! Honor 50 series “Cartier lens” exposure: higher-end than P50

On November 17th last year, Honor officially broke up with Huawei. Subsequently, Zhao Ming released a new positioning of glory: to build a global iconic technology brand.

With Huawei’s gradual exit and increasingly fierce competition, the Honor Magic series and digital series have become the focus of attention. Recently, foreign media broke the news first-the new generation of Honor digital series will be named Honor 50, adopting the same double-ring design of P50, and it will be released in May.

Judging from the exposure sketches, the rear lens modules of the Honor 50 and P50 both use the upper and lower double ring design, but if you compare carefully, I prefer the Honor 50 to be an upgraded version of the Huawei P50 design. First of all, the P50’s upper and lower double rings are equipped with two lenses, which will give people a sense of intensive fear of oppression, while the Honor 50 uses the upper ring with the main camera lens and the lower ring with two auxiliary cameras. , The three lenses form a triangle shape, giving a sense of stability.

At the same time, the main camera lens of the Honor 50 also uses a new design similar to the Cartier ring, which did not appear in the previous P50 renderings exposed on the net. It can be said that it is an upgrade of the Honor 50 in the P50 design, and it is blue.

Friends who are familiar with the mobile phone industry know that as smartphones enter the era of full screens, the ID design of mobile phones has entered the competition of lens module arrangement, and Honor and Huawei have always been the pioneers and vanes of lens module design. Whether it is the Bionic dual-camera lens of Honor 6plus, the matrix lens of Honor V30, or the exclamation point lens module of Huawei P series, it has become a popular trend of the year. Now that Huawei has withdrawn, Honor can be said to fully take over Huawei’s design genes, and at the same time further integrate its own understanding of fashion, and achieve a further upgrade of lens design.

The appearance of the Honor 50 Cartier lens has another surprise for fans. Throughout the design history of Honor mobile phones, there are many precedents for cooperation with fashion brands, such as the cooperation between Honor Watch and VVT, Honor V20 and MOSCHINO, Honor 20 and AAPE, etc. Does the appearance of Cartier lens in this design sketch mean glory? 50 is very likely to have a deeper cooperation with Cartier?

Regardless of the actual situation, the Cartier lens of the Honor 50 is consistent with the design concept of the Honor Digital series that has always pursued a stylish appearance. Not surprisingly, the ring design of the Honor 50 is also likely to become the trend indicator of the smart phone appearance ID in 2021.

Of course, we pay attention to a mobile phone, and we can’t just look at the “face value” without looking at the performance. Although the specific parameters of the Honor 50 have not been more exposed, if you look at the time rhythm released in May, I believe the Honor 50 It won’t be long before the real machine is unveiled, let us keep an eye on it together.

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