The next major update of Windows 10 will be released soon

Microsoft is preparing to release the next update to Windows 10. Windows Insider beta testers have now released one of the final Windows 20 21 May 20 Update test versions, which means that the public can get the version on their PCs within a few weeks.

Although the overall experience can still be improved between now and the final public release, Windows Insiders in the Windows preview release can choose to download Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.928 to install this update immediately. You can also download this version as an ISO file for a clean installation on any new PC, but note that the computer will be registered in the Insider Program.

Unlike previous versions, the May 10, 2021 update of Windows 10 does not have any major new features-so it’s not worth downloading too early. This is because the themes of major Windows 10 updates have changed in the past two years.

Microsoft now hopes to start the new year by patching bugs and security issues in Windows 10 in the spring, and then end the year by adding new features and subsequent fall updates. This means that, as Microsoft pointed out last time, the Windows May 10, 2021 update will only include a series of features designed to improve security, remote access, and the overall quality of Windows. Windows Hello’s multi-camera support and Windows Defender Application Guard’s performance improvements are just a few new features.

For anyone looking to make major design changes to Windows 10, you must wait until autumn. There is a rumor that this fall’s update (code-named Sun Valley) may give the operating system a new look with a new “start” menu and design elements. This code was recently discovered and hidden in the Dev Channel Windows Insider build. There are also rumors that some necessary code is built into the May 2021 update to make these changes.

If you want to try the May 2021 update, the best way is to select the PC to enter the Release Preview Windows Insider program, and then download it via Windows Update by clicking Check for Updates. This is the safest branch of the program, and doing so poses almost no risk to your PC.

However, Microsoft only provides updates to those “seekers” in the Release Preview channel, or those who want to manually download it early. If it applies to you, you will see a message in Windows Update mentioning a feature update for Windows 10, 21H1, and you can download the update by clicking Download and install.

Otherwise, you will need to wait a few more weeks until Microsoft releases it to all non-Beta testers. The update will be installed like the October 2020 version last year. This is a routine security patch and does not require you to leave your PC for a long time. It may be released on May 11, called “Patch Tuesday,” which is a day reserved for regular Windows 10 updates.

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