This color is too tyrant! Tmall Elf Sugar 2 BRICS Edition

Recently, Tmall Elf launched a limited edition sugar cube 2 smart speaker with a full body gold, officially called the “BRIC version”, priced at CNY198.

I saw the whole body of this speaker is gold, including the four buttons on the top. In fact, the material is made of PVC engineering plastic, and the gold is processed by electroplating.

It also customized a new year’s exclusive boot voice, providing voice blessings and interaction.

You only need to press the “elf key” to play the sound of firecrackers.

As a smart speaker, the Tmall Elf BRICS version supports music, audiobooks, and children’s content to listen to your heart. It contains millions of music libraries and supports importing.

At the same time, it integrates the contents of third-party platforms such as Himalaya, Dragonfly FM, Lazy Man Tingshu, Migu Reading, and Ten O’clock Reading.

In terms of acoustic design, Tmall Elf Sugar 2 uses an integrated sound cavity design, which upgrades the output power of the speaker unit to 5W, and the output power is increased by more than 66%.

Its built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway can complete the connection with just one sentence “Tmall Elf finds teammates”. It claims to support 1100+ brands and 272 million devices to create a smart home scene.

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