Tmall Elf “BRIC Edition” uses real gold? The official responded

Recently, Tmall Elf has launched a limited edition smart speaker with a full-body golden color, which is officially called the “brick”.

In the advertising picture, this “Golden Brick” adopts the color scheme of “local gold” from the box to the body, and the words “999.9” and “GOLDEN” on the outer packaging have triggered some netizens to partially use this product Conjecture of “real gold”.

Yesterday, a netizen posted a set of experimental photos on the “gold inspection” of this product on social platforms. He first scraped some “gold dust” from the fuselage with a file, and consulted the customer service staff of China Gold. After answering “Unsure”, I used a lighter to burn the buttons and logo to test whether the product’s appearance contains gold.

However, this netizen said that the burning part has turned black and partially melted, and the possibility of “real gold” is unlikely.

In response, the relevant person in charge of Tmall Elf responded that the material used for this “golden brick” is PVC engineering plastics, and the gold is processed by electroplating. The relevant text on the outer packaging is only decorative and does not have practical significance. .

Regarding the “destructive experiments” conducted by netizens, this person in charge reminded consumers that the products caused by the “experiment” cannot be returned without reason, and they should not blindly follow suit.

However, Tmall Genie revealed that considering netizens’ love for the “BRIC”, the possibility of launching a “collector’s edition” of the gold body will not be ruled out in the future.

“At present, a more feasible solution is to use real gold for decoration in buttons, logos, etc.. We estimate that 400g of gold will be used for the entire body, which will increase the weight of the product itself, and the high-purity gold material is relatively soft and practical. It’s not very sexual, so it’s more suitable for investment and collectibles.”

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