Tmall Genie releases the first smart screen module: Let more home devices understand and speak

Tmall Elf is accelerating out of the speaker, and further evolving from a smart speaker to a multi-modal AI assistant integrating visual, voice and other interactive capabilities.

On March 8, Tmall Elf launched the first smart screen module. After integrating this module, the access control system, refrigerators with screens, kitchen appliances and other equipment in the home will become smarter and become the home intelligence center that can be understood, seen, and spoken.

It is reported that the module is self-developed by Tmall Elf. It has an intelligent gateway capability, which allows partners to obtain out-of-the-box AI capabilities such as voice intelligent control and visual recognition, which accelerates the efficiency of intelligent upgrades.

At the same time, it also comes with Tmall Genie’s ecological service content, including 26 pre-installed applications such as smart community, smart home, human education digital classroom, mango TV, Douyin short video, baby bus, music, and Ant Forest.

At present, Tmall Elf has established cooperation with China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, the first super-grade enterprise in the country’s first full-cover housing construction general contracting company. The high-quality residential project “China State Construction Star City” developed by China Construction Third Bureau Real Estate Company in Wuhan Optics Valley will be the first batch of this module to be used in the indoor video intercom system of the community.

In the past, residents who wanted to confirm visitors and communicate with the property could only operate on the intercom access control at the door. After that, they could open the door remotely through voice, listen to music, watch videos, or control other smart devices in the home through the access control. equipment.

In addition, the new module can be freely embedded in walls or other home appliances with screens, which can make smart assistants ubiquitous while not occupying space. The data shows that the market size of the national residential intercom system has reached tens of millions. As a standard product for newly built residential buildings, it is at a critical time point for expanding the applicable scenarios.

This upgrade will further promote the intelligent intercom system to cover more families, and upgrade ordinary houses to smart houses with pre-installed AI voice capabilities. People do not need to purchase smart home products after they move in, and they can immediately enjoy a rich smart voice experience.

According to Zhu Yan, the person in charge of the smart screen module product, the launch of the smart screen module this time is based on the judgment of market development trends. As more and more vertical industries begin to transform and upgrade, companies increasingly need more convenient and efficient intelligent transformation solutions.

“The introduction of modular standard parts allows partners to complete the intelligent transformation of equipment at a lower threshold. We have opened up more interfaces to support merchants to flexibly choose their own peripheral accessories, so that they can maintain their own products in research and development. It also has the same product performance and content ecology as Tmall’s self-developed products.” Zhu Yan said, “Tmall hopes to provide a diversified full range of products for visual access control systems, smart homes, real estate and more vertical industries. Housing scenario solutions, and continuously promote industrial upgrading.”

According to the plan, in 2021, Tmall Elf will also launch a large number of new scenarios and new species such as smart homes and consumer electronics with screens to further promote the construction of smart homes.

In addition to helping the transformation and upgrading of vertical industries, the module will also simultaneously penetrate into pure voice interactive smart products to promote Tmall Genie to launch more education and family service products for children, the elderly and other groups.

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