To save energy, all Samsung home appliances will support Wi-Fi in the future

Ahead of the IFA 2022 event, Samsung revealed its plans for its upcoming home appliances and SmartThings platform. JaeSeung Lee, head of digital home appliances at Samsung Electronics, wrote an editorial revealing how the company is striving to become the world’s most energy-efficient home appliance brand.

JaeSeung Lee said in the article that users “have become more aware of the environmental impact of their choices and practice eco-conscious activities in their daily lives to make up for the deficiencies”. Therefore, in order to cater to consumers, the company plans to make its home appliances more customizable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Nearly all future Samsung home appliances will support Wi-Fi and SmartThings

Samsung’s line of Bespoke appliances is already available in more than 50 markets around the world, and the company plans to expand it to more countries this year. Samsung also plans to bring the SmartThings Energy feature to nearly all of its future home appliances by making it Wi-Fi capable. SmartThings Energy monitors the energy consumption of all compatible home appliances and devices, using AI to monitor and improve energy efficiency.

Earlier this year, Samsung partnered with apparel brand Patagonia to reduce microplastics released from washing machines and water purifiers. Samsung is also partnering with Qcells and SMA Solar Technologies to create a “net-zero home” model, a home that creates and stores energy, powers itself efficiently, and reduces carbon emissions. The company will reveal more about its future plans at the 2022 IFA show.

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