Top with USD44720! Caviar releases luxury customized version of iPhone 12

According to news on February 12, the Russian luxury brand Caviar recently announced that it will launch six luxury customized iPhone 12 series based on the “Warrior” series.

Among them, the most luxurious and domineering is the “Chinese Spear” version of iPhone 12. Its naming and design are inspired by the traditional Chinese weapon “Spear”.

In addition, Caviar also has a 24-carat gold back panel inlaid on the back of the fuselage, with mahogany chips inlaid on it, and a blood drop-shaped ruby ​​on the bottom.

It is worth noting that Caviar also attached a special gold card to this product, with the shape of a traditional Chinese weapon “spear” printed on the top.

It is understood that the 128GB “Chinese Spear” iPhone 12 Pro is priced at US$36,950, while the 512GB “Chinese Spear” iPhone 12 Pro Max is priced at US$44,720.

Not only that, Caviar also launched a Mexican-style version, an Indian version, a Mayan version, an Apache version and an African Zulu version.

I believe that netizens who know the mobile phone industry know Caviar, and the brand will launch a corresponding customized model after the flagship phone is released.

In December last year, the brand launched the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max customized in the design style of the iPhone 4.

Unlike previous high-end luxury styles, this time Caviar did not embed diamonds or add precious metal materials to the fuselage, but added real fragments of Jobs’s famous black turtleneck inside the fuselage Logo.

To pay tribute to Jobs and the 10th anniversary of iPhone 4.

It is worth mentioning that these phones are all high-end and luxurious customizations based on the original iPhone 12. That is to say, there is no change in the configuration parameters of the phone, only the appearance is different from the original.

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