Vivo S9 out of the box: 7.35mm thin and light body to reduce the burden on selfies

The vivo S series has always focused on selfie technology, and the vivo S9, which has a front 44-megapixel dual camera and two micro-slit LED soft lights, can be said to push this function to a new level. In fact, since the mobile phone entered the era of full screen, it has caused many restrictions on the self-portrait function of the mobile phone. Take the self-portrait fill light as an example. It used to be easy to add a huge soft light on the screen. But on the full screen, if you put one more camera, you need to position it with the screen, not to mention that the vivo S9 is equipped with two cameras and two fill lights, and a mobile phone with zoom for selfies.

Why should I emphasize fill light here? In fact, in a good light environment, the vivo S series has long achieved a good self-portrait effect. However, the self-portrait needs of young people are all-weather, such as shopping for dinner at night, and low-light or dim scenes abound when taking selfies. Even in a big city CBD with bright lights like this, there is not enough light on people’s faces. In response to this problem, vivo S9 carried out a scientific stacking on its own technology.

In addition to the two soft lights, the 44MP front main camera is based on pixel isolation technology, and the amount of light has increased by 12%. At the same time, the screen flesh halo developed from the S6 is retained, and the super night scene algorithm is upgraded to the polar night portrait selfie algorithm. Different from the general night scene algorithm, this algorithm is mainly for self-portraits. It will intelligently distinguish between faces and backgrounds to reduce noise and match the corresponding background optimization scheme. The detailed results are shared in the evaluation.

In terms of body design, vivo S9 basically continues the style of S7. The difference is that the body reduces the color saturation while increasing the basic color. Let the AG glass back cover not only have a changeable texture, but also present a soft and durable lightness.

In fact, the vivo S9 is also very thin, with thickness and weight of 7.35mm and 173g respectively. In fact, lightweight is not just a problem of hand feel. If the body is too thick and heavy when taking a selfie, it will not only be tiring, but it will also easily cause slight shaking of the arm and blur the selfie.

The main camera aspect of the vivo S9 has also been upgraded, including a 64-megapixel main camera lens, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2-megapixel artistic style black and white lens. The main camera also supports OIS optical image stabilization, and with the new night scene algorithm, night photography has also been further improved.

In addition, the vivo S9 has also made targeted improvements for the shooting scenes that young people often encounter when shooting moving objects. This time the vivo S9 has added a new “sports capture” mode, through a series of measures such as focusing, intelligent adjustment of the exposure strategy of moving objects, OIS optical anti-shake, correction of smear, image noise processing, etc., greatly improving the performance of capturing moving objects. Film rate.

In terms of system, the vivo S9 is naturally equipped with OriginOS, and the system features are in line with the flagship X series. Like Huarong grid, deformer, super card pack, atomic component, you can experience it on vivo S9.

The world premiere of vivo S9 Dimensity 1100 and UFS 3.1 flash memory, this is also the strongest one in the history of the S series. Considering the upgrade of many imaging algorithms, such a configuration is also necessary. After all, in addition to the hardware performance of games and entertainment, the imaging calculations of photos and videos are also very computationally expensive. In terms of battery life, the vivo S9 has a built-in 4000mAh battery, which is good for an ultra-thin mobile phone.

Front dual camera + dual micro slit LED soft light, rear 64 million OIS optical image stabilization triple camera, plus the world’s first Dimensity 1100 and UFS 3.1 flash memory. While vivo S9 focuses on the selfie experience, it is not difficult to see that this series is also complementing images and performance. Therefore, such a thin and light 5G mobile phone that has a rich selfie experience and can also meet daily social, gaming and entertainment, will naturally have enough appeal for the main young group.

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