Vizio Elevate soundbar, rotatable Dolby Atmos speaker

The Vizio Elevate soundbar is a 5.1.4 setup with a unique design. When you watch Dolby Atmos or DTS:X content, the sides of the bar will automatically rotate, which can help create a wide stage to provide an immersive listening experience. Thanks to its dedicated satellite speakers, it also has excellent surround sound performance. Although its bass-heavy sound profile is not ideal for everyone, there are still some sound customization features available, and there are many connection options to help you use the sound bar as a hub between devices.

Vizio Elevate is the high-end 5.1.4 model of the Vizio 2020 series. It is equipped with unique rotating speakers on the left and right sides of the crossbar, and the manufacturer claims that the speakers can create a wider sound field, resulting in a more immersive listening experience. Its main competitors are Sonos Arc with Sub + One SL speakers, JBL Bar 9.1 and Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2Ch Soundbar.


Vizio Elevate has a very unique design. When you play Atmos or DTS:X content, the bar can be rotated left and right. You can also set these parts to always face upwards instead of outwards.

The subwoofer is located on four small nails, and the driver is located below. It is mainly made of melamine and has a plastic plate on top.

This setup has two satellite speakers. There is an aluminum grille on the top and front, and the rest of the speaker is made of plastic. They are designed to be placed vertically.

The Vizio Elevate is a wide, large soundbar, not suitable for the legs of most 55-inch TV cabinets. Fortunately, it is not very high, so unless it is placed flat on the table, it will not block the TV screen.

There are two openings on the back for input and power cables. There are also universal mounting holes on the bottom, so you can wall mount it.

Vizio Elevate has an impressive build quality. The pole is mainly made of plastic, and there is an aluminum grille on the front of the pole to protect the driver. The subwoofer is mainly made of melamine with a plastic top. Like the bar, the satellite TV also has an aluminum grille to protect the driver, as do the plastic sides and rear. The material is strong and durable.

Sound quality

Vizio Elevate has a good stereo frequency response. It has a sound profile of heavy bass, which adds extra dynamic and impact to the audio, which should appeal to fans of heavy bass types, such as EDM and hip-hop music. However, it may be a bit overwhelmed for some listeners. Fortunately, there are four EQ presets to help you customize its sound.

Vizio Elevate has an impressive stereo sound field. The sound seems to be a little wider than the bar itself, but there is no technique to make it sound wider than that. Moreover, the focus of the sound is good, so the objects in the sound stage (such as sounds and footsteps) seem to come from accurate, precise locations.

Vizio Elevate has very good stereo effects. It is very loud and very suitable for party use, but there will be some compression when playing at maximum volume.

The stereo THD performance of Vizio Elevate is good. At normal listening volume, there will not be much distortion. However, when you play THD at maximum volume, THD will jump, but this may not be obvious in actual content.

Vizio Elevate has excellent center channel performance. This 5.1.4 setup has a dedicated center speaker, which helps produce clearer and more accurate dialogue. It has a neutral and balanced sound configuration, so it can accurately reproduce the audio in movies and TV shows.

Vizio Elevate has good surround sound performance. It has dedicated satellite speakers that help create a more immersive listening experience. The heavy bass sound configuration adds extra dynamic and impact to the dynamic scenes in your favorite movies.

The volume of this soundbar is medium to high. It uses upward speakers and satellites on the bar counter to bounce the sound off the ceiling, creating the illusion of sound coming from above you. When playing Atmos content, this bar will also automatically rotate its left and right sides upwards. You can disable this function. However, it still doesn’t sound as realistic as a discrete downward-sounding speaker.

This soundbar has a good sound enhancement function. There are four EQ presets to help you customize its sound: movie, music, direct and game. There is also a dialogue enhancement feature that can help make the voice sound clearer and brighter. You can adjust the side of the bar to UP, WIDE or AUTO. When you play Atmos or DTS:X content, the AUTO setting will automatically move it up.


Vizio Elevate comes with many inputs, including an HDMI port, allowing you to use it as a hub between different devices. There are two AUX ports: one is for analog audio, and the other can only be used with voice assistant speakers.

The soundbar supports most audio formats through its ARC port, including the Dolby Digital and DTS formats commonly found on Blu-ray discs and streaming media platforms.

This soundbar supports all the sound formats we tested through its full HDMI port. You can listen to Dolby Digital and DTS content commonly found on Blu-ray discs and streaming media platforms.

Like most sound bars, Vizio Elevate supports Dolby Digital and DTS through its optical port. These formats are usually found on Blu-ray discs and streaming platforms.

Vizio Elevate has incredible wireless playback capabilities. You can use the built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Chromecast to wirelessly transfer content from your phone or tablet to the bar.

Additional features

Vizio Elevate does not have a display, but on the side of the bar graph, according to the settings you adjust, some vertical lights will show and flash. There will also be audio feedback when changing EQ presets.

Vizio Elevate has some physical controls that allow you to adjust the basic functions of the reinforcement. You can turn the control bar on and off, select input, activate the Bluetooth pairing mode, and adjust the volume.

Brief summary

The Vizio Elevate soundbar is perfect for mixed use. You can use it to watch Dolby Atmos content, and its satellite speakers help create an immersive surround experience. With its dedicated central channel, it can also clearly replicate conversations in TV programs and audiobooks. However, its bass-heavy sound profile may not be ideal for neutral sounds, but fortunately, there are some customization features available.

Sound bars capable of reproducing Dolby Atmos music have appeared since 2016, but until now, they have not been very innovative. In order to work properly, Atmos devices require additional speakers to reproduce these height effects, usually they are small static drivers for ceilings. Vizio Elevate is sold as a bundle, but tried something brand new: the electric speakers rise and rotate depending on whether you are listening to music or compatible with movies.

But novices beware, the manual settings of Vizio Elevate may be complicated, and the messy remote control does not help. Some users may also find wired surround sound speakers to be painful, depending on where they choose to place the subwoofer-for large rooms, the cable may be too short.

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