WeChat electronic paper book officially released: CNY1499, first batch of 500 units, unlimited annual card

Half a month ago, the real machine of WeChat e-paper book was exposed. At that time, it had not yet been mass-produced. It is expected that it will be booked on the WeChat reading App before the Spring Festival.

Now it’s finally here, and an appointment has been opened on the WeChat Reading APP, which is called “WeChat Reading Ink Screen Reader”, which costs CNY1499 and comes with a paid unlimited card annual card.

It should be noted that only 500 units will be sold in the first batch, and 500 will be randomly selected from the reserved users for sale.

Earlier news broke that the WeChat reading ink screen reader is equipped with a 6-inch ink screen, weighs 150g, has a resolution of 1072×1448, 300ppi, and supports dual color temperature backlights.

It uses Android 10 system with 2G memory and 32G storage. It is powered by the Type-C interface, and the battery life is not bad. “It has been used intermittently for five days, and there is still 80% of the battery.”

In terms of design, the WeChat reading ink screen reader is relatively simple, with only one button on the power button, short press to turn off the screen, long press to shut down and restart.

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