Why is Roborock T7S series sweeping and dragging robot worth buying?

With the advancement of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, many families now buy a sweeping robot to help them share part of the housework. But frankly speaking, most of the sweeping robot products currently on the market still have a lot to be improved, especially in terms of product functionality. For example, many sweeping robot products can only sweep the floor, and the mopping function is relatively poor, and even when sweeping the floor, it can’t be accurately distinguished. Obstacles, often get stuck, etc.

In the face of this situation, Roborock, a Chinese sweeping robot company, launched a new sweeping robot product T7S series on March 29. From “sweeping” to “sweeping”, it can be seen that the T7S series is fully functional. Upgraded generation.

Compared with the previous generation T7 series, where has the sweeper robot T7S series been upgraded?

1. Vibrate and wipe the floor
First of all, the Roborock T7S series of robot sweeping and dragging robots created the world’s first intelligent lift-type sonic vibration floor scrubbing module “VibraRise”, which can assist in improving the floor scrubbing effect through high-frequency sonic vibration.

Specifically, the Roborock mop robot T7S series is equipped with a high-performance brushless motor, which can drive the mop up to 3000 times per minute of high-frequency vibration, disintegrating ground stains, and the official claims that the cleaning power is 4 times higher than that of the Roborock S5 series.

At the same time, the stone T7S series also adopts a four-link independent suspension floating module design in the mop area, which not only greatly enhances the reliability, but also allows the mop to fit the ground more stably when floating, and achieve an excellent floor wiping effect.

In addition, the mop bracket of the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and mopping robots is also divided into a vibration area (vibrating stains) and a non-vibrating area (taking away stains) in a two-zone tacit coordination, which greatly increases the vibration frequency and controls noise.

When using it, users can customize each room’s individual floor wiping intensity and wiping mode on the App side according to the dirt on the ground. There are 3 modes to choose from, namely: weak 1650 times/min, medium 2300 times/min , Strong 3000 times/min.

In order to test the effect of the Roborock T7S series sonic vibration floor scrubbing module, IT House found the Roborock sweeping and mopping robot T7S Plus to wipe stubborn coffee stains on the floor. As you can see from below, in the fine wiping mode, the T7S Plus wipes out coffee stains with two back and forth. It can be seen that the effect of the vibration wiping module is indeed very obvious.

2. Intelligent control lifting and wiping system

In addition to sonic vibration, the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and mopping robots also joined the intelligent control lift and sweeping system for the first time. The combination of the two can be said to be the first in the industry.

The fully automatic lifting and wiping module has an exquisite structure. It uses a motor and a gear box to drive pulleys and cables to achieve autonomous lifting. The lifting cables are made of 304 stainless steel thin steel ropes and have a bending life of more than 300,000 times. Tested, firm and reliable.

The lifting and wiping module brings an important function upgrade to the T7S series, which is the recognition and cleaning of the carpet.

At the bottom of the T7S series of sweeping and mopping robots, Stone has added an ultrasonic carpet recognition sensor, which can recognize carpets. At the same time, Shishi also introduced a self-developed “carpet recognition algorithm and strategy”, which allows the T7S series to increase the accuracy of carpet recognition in a complex ground environment.

The factory default of the sweeping and mopping robot is “adaptive carpet mode”, that is, after encountering a carpet during the sweeping and mopping process, it will automatically raise the mopping module to pressurize the carpet. This is mainly suitable for short-haired carpets (≤5mm). ) Or the floor mat environment. Users can also change the carpet cleaning method that suits them through the mobile app, including adaptive mode, carpet avoidance mode and carpet ignoring mode.

When using the T7S Plus test, it can be seen that when the sweeping and mopping robot recognizes the carpet, it will actively raise the mopping module to clean the carpet to prevent the carpet from being wetted.

Not only the recognition of the carpet, the T7S Plus lifting and wiping system also brings better obstacle crossing ability for the sweeping and mopping robot. Generally, obstacles less than 2cm can be easily crossed. After the cleaning is completed, the recharging process will also lift and wipe. The ground module prevents the dirty mop from polluting the ground again.

3. Improved design of glue brush

There is another detail improvement in the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots, which is the glue brush. Specifically, this time the glue brush adopts a precision TPU design, and the surface has a precision design of 5 long and 5 short, which can effectively ensure the wind pressure and dust removal effect, and the new design can effectively avoid the problem of hair entanglement, and the hair can be easily covered. Inhale the dust box or slide it into the hair storage bins at both ends of the main brush.

4. RR mason 8.0 algorithm system

At the software level, the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots has also been significantly upgraded. The most important thing is the use of the new RR mason 8.0 algorithm system, which is smarter in all aspects than in the past.

For example, the display of mopping path (light white area) and the display and setting of charging dock type are newly added on the App side. You can see where you are scanning and where you are dragging at a glance.

Also, when the carpet is recognized, the Roborock T7S series will draw the carpet area (black shaded area) in the APP according to the position and shape of the carpet, which can be clearly displayed without manual marking.

For another example, the RR mason 8.0 algorithm system has also added a fine wiping mode. With the closest cutting and wiping strategy, the zigzag sweeping and dragging effect is close to twice, effectively improving the wiping effect.

In general, with the support of the RR mason 8.0 algorithm system, the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots is easier to use and smarter. The chance of getting stuck and trapped during cleaning is already very low. Basically, it can be autonomous every time it cleans. carry out.

5. Support automatic dust collection and charging stand

Another important feature upgrade of the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots is to support the newly launched automatic dust collection and charging stand.

The biggest advantage of Rock T7S series with dust collection and charging stand is that it can automatically collect dust, avoid users from dumping dust, and effectively reduce the frequency of cleaning the sweeper, so you don’t always have to think about whether the sweeping robot has cleaned it.

The automatic dust collection charging stand is equipped with the “15 cone cyclone technology”, which uses strong centrifugal force to throw dust into the dust bucket. Compared with other cleaning appliances, the method of separating dust by filter can achieve more efficient separation.

Take the T7S Plus as an example. After a certain dust collection, IT House opens the T7S Plus dust box, and you can see that the dust swept in during the cleaning process is basically concentrated in the dust bucket, and there is only A little residue, the dust collection effect is still very good.

In short, although only an “S” was added after “T7”, this time the Roborock T7S series of sweeping and dragging robots is indeed a sincere product iteration, which includes many functional updates and upgrades, and also allows “sweeper robots”. The product itself becomes more and more usable.

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