Will mobile phone prices increase in 2021? Chip manufacturers estimate demand surge

Although the mobile phone market in 2020 has also suffered a lot from the impact of the epidemic, more and more upstream companies have begun to express their optimism about the bottoming out of the mobile phone market in 2021.

SK Hynix recently stated that it is very optimistic about the development of the mobile phone industry in 2021, and it is expected that the demand for mobile phone memory chips will increase by about 20%.

In addition to the increase in memory demand, the company also believes that global 5G mobile phones will also usher in the first wave of development peaks in 2021. It is expected that global 5G mobile phone shipments in 2021 can reach the order of 500 million units, which is similar to the previous ones. The estimates of upstream chip companies are very consistent.

Driven by the increase in 5G mobile phone shipments, the demand for mobile DRAM will grow by more than 20%.

Not only is the development of the mobile phone industry more gratifying, SK Hynix also predicts that the demand for server products will increase by more than 30% this year.

Because of the arrival of the epidemic, many traditional businesses have shifted from offline to online, and cloud services have achieved considerable development. Therefore, new data centers are being built around the world, and the need for memory is indispensable in the future large-scale technological infrastructure.

Such a surge in demand will inevitably lead to changes in the relationship between supply and demand.

At present, many research institutions have predicted that the problem of chip shortage in automobile manufacturing in 2021 will eventually spread to the field of smartphones. Is it to say that buying mobile phones in 2021 will be like buying RTX30 series graphics cards and AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs? Maybe this is really possible!

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