Win10 launches new icon set: traces of the Win95 era have been cleaned up

Remember Windows 95?

Although this operating system can be said to be an “old antique”, what may not be known is that on Windows 10, there are still traces of Win95, such as icons.

However, after WL extracted shell32.dll, it was found that the Win95 era icons have been completely renewed in the Windows 10 preview version, including hibernation mode, network, memory, floppy disk, etc. Although no one uses floppy disks anymore, Microsoft still keeps it.

These changes will be fully presented in Windows 10 21H2, which is code-named Sun Valley. After all, starting from Windows 10 20H1, the version number has changed from Build 19041 to 19042 to 19043 in 21H1. Toothpaste has been squeezed twice.

Of course, Win10 21H2 is about to turn into October, and friends who like it should wait patiently.

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