Wireless mechanical gaming keyboard: Corsair K63 Wireless

Corsair Corsair K63 Wireless is an excellent mechanical keyboard for wireless gaming. Its Cherry MX Red switch feels bright, responsive, and provides backlighting for those who like to play games in the dark. You can reprogram the macro or set the macro to any key, but MMO games do not have any dedicated macro keys.


Corsair K63 Wireless is a small keyless (TKL) keyboard. It is a bit larger than other TKL keyboards because it has an extra row of dedicated media control keys, and if you choose to use the included wrist rest, it will take up more space.

The build quality is good. The frame is made of plastic, which feels a bit cheap, and the keycaps are made of ABS plastic. It is very similar to Corsair K68 RGB, but the keys feel more stable, and the hook that connects the wrist rest to the keyboard feels firmer

K63 Wireless has a good ergonomic design. It comes with a wrist rest, but it feels cheap and not the most comfortable. Fortunately, the keyboard configuration file is not particularly high, so it can be used without using it. There is a tilt setting, and the key spacing is fairly standard.

K63 Wireless has a separate backlight key, you can control the brightness directly on the keyboard. Unfortunately, it is limited to a single blue. There is an ice blue variant, which is slightly brighter.

The keyboard comes with a long micro-USB cable for charging or wired use.

K63 Wireless can be connected via its USB receiver or via Bluetooth, which allows you to pair with two devices at the same time. You can switch between them by pressing FN + F9 / F10.

There are some other functions on this keyboard. There are dedicated media control keys, a Windows lock key (to prevent accidentally minimizing the game) and a button to adjust the brightness of the backlight. There are also hot keys to switch between connected devices (wireless USB or Bluetooth), hot keys to put the computer to sleep, and hot keys to navigate mobile devices running on Android (back, home, overview, and search).

Typing experience

K63 Wireless uses the standard Cherry MX Red switch. They require a little force to actuate, especially for linear switches, and they do not provide any tactile feedback. The distance before the stroke is slightly higher than the usual 2mm, but it is not obvious to most people.

The typing quality is great. The linear switch is easy to operate and the keys are very stable. The key spacing is fairly standard and can help improve typing accuracy, but there is no tactile feedback to let you know when the key is registered. It feels very sensitive and will not cause fatigue when typing for a long time.

Typing on this keyboard is very quiet. There should be no problems with using it in a quiet environment.

Software and operating system

K63 Wireless has good software support. It uses Corsair’s iCue software for customization, allowing you to reprogram keys or set up macros. You can also save the configuration file, but there is no cloud sync option, and the keyboard does not have onboard memory, so if you need to move to another computer, you need to reinstall the software and start over.

The keyboard has excellent compatibility with various operating systems. Everything can run normally on Windows, although all keys can run normally on Linux and Android, but there is no custom software. On macOS, the context menu does not work, and on iOS and iPadOS, the function keys do not work.

Difference between size and variant

Corsair K63 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard has two variants, the only difference between the two is the color of the backlight. There are blue and ice blue. When testing the blue LED variant, we hope that most of our results will also be valid for the ice blue variant. There is also a wired version of this keyboard with red LED backlight.

The K63 wireless device is designed to be used with Corsair bulkheads, which are designed to be used with home theater PCs because it allows you to sit on the sofa and still has proper keyboard and mouse support. It is sold separately, but is usually bundled with the keyboard.

Compared with other keyboards

Corsair K63 Wireless is an excellent mechanical gaming keyboard. Compared with other keyboards in this price range, it has poor build quality and lacks full RGB backlighting. However, it has more versatility than other keyboards because it can be used on the table or with Corsair Lapboard (if you have a home theater PC).

Brief summary

Corsair K63 Wireless is an excellent multifunctional mechanical gaming keyboard. It can be paired with its wireless USB receiver or via Bluetooth, and it can be connected to two devices at once for easy multitasking. It has a linear Cherry MX Red switch, feels very sensitive, and has excellent compatibility with various operating systems. It is designed to fit Corsair partitions and provides support and stability when using the keyboard with a home theater PC. Although it is sold separately, we have not yet evaluated it. Sadly, its backlight is limited to blue, and there is no onboard memory or cloud sync function to export your custom settings. Overall, this is a great choice for games or work.

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