Wristcam: A third-party strap that adds camera functionality to Apple Watch

Wristcam is a unique product. It adds an external camera to Apple Watch, which satisfies many people’s imaginations of this product. The foreign media AppleInsider has recently started to experience it.

Wristcam made its debut under the name “CMRA” in 2016. Five years later, it finally went public under a new name.

This product is made into a strap for Apple Watch, and it has two cameras embedded in it. In the upper part, there is a main lens and a camera for selfies.

It also comes with two sizes of wristband attachments, that is, the other side, which is suitable for users with different wrist thicknesses. The buckle is similar to that of Apple’s sports watchband.

Charging point inside Wristcam

Wristcam does not get power from Apple Watch but comes with its own battery. It needs a dedicated charging cable, which is magnetically connected to the internal contacts on the inside of the strap, which is very convenient to use.

The evaluation product provided by Wristcam to foreign media is black, the strap body is made of rubber, and the camera part is wrapped in gray hard plastic.

AppleInsider communicated with Wristcam’s founders Ari Roisman and Matt Frischer, and both of them regarded Apple Watch as an emerging independent platform, gradually becoming more and more independent from the iPhone.

The biggest attraction of Wristcam is that it completely abandoned the iPhone. Let the watch have a more independent ability. Roisman told AppleInsider: “We are really working hard to break the limitations of using cameras on mobile phones today and introduce them to Apple Watch.”

Wristcam claims that its device can be used for approximately one day after it is fully charged. Of course, it depends on how the user uses it-whether to take photos or videos, and whether to manually turn on Wi-Fi mode to sync photos to iPhone.

After taking a picture, the image is stored in Wristcam, which has about 8GB of storage space. By default, Wristcam will sync photos to iPhone while charging to save power.

On the left is a photo taken with iPhone 12 Pro, and on the right is a photo taken with Wristcam

With the Wristcam app on Apple Watch, users can get real-time access to the camera content they see in the viewfinder, and they can also view recently captured photos in the Apple Watch app without using an iPhone.

The two founders said that the combination of Apple Watch+Wristcam can also be used in a fully hands-free mode, and through Appleā€™s shortcuts, the third-party “Hey Siri” command can be used to take photos or videos by voice.

Wristcam’s selfie lens

They admit that Wristcam’s camera level can’t be compared with iPhone, but this is not the point. They see Wristcam as a lightweight and convenient wearable camera that adds extra value and functionality to Apple Watch.

The main lens of Wristcam, the outer gray part.

Given the limitations of watchOS as a platform and Apple Watch as hardware, Wristcam has made great efforts to make the experience as seamless as possible. Roisman pointed out in our interview that Wristcam is the first (and currently the only) smart product on the market to obtain the Made for Apple Watch certification officially recognized by Apple.

The price of Wristcam for 42/44mm and 38/40mm sizes are both US$299, and there is currently a discount of US$40.

AppleInsider will do more detailed Wristcam evaluations in the follow-up, and we will also pay attention to the follow-up detailed experience.

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