Xiaomi Bluetooth headset Air 2 Pro version update: support LHDC protocol low latency mode

I believe that many netizens have encountered a situation where audio and video are out of sync when wearing wireless Bluetooth headsets to play games, which is often said to be delayed.

However, in the future, gamers using Xiaomi’s latest Bluetooth headset Air 2 Pro can finally “eat chicken”.

It is reported that a few days ago, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset Ari 2 Pro ushered in a new version of firmware, which finally supports the LHDC protocol and joins the low-latency mode, while fixing the BUG to improve the headset performance.

Upgrade method: Open Xiao Ai, select the Bluetooth device and enter the device details, you can select the firmware upgrade in the “current version” below.

It should be noted that after the upgrade is completed, the low latency mode needs to be manually turned on, and the system defaults to off.

It is understood that Xiaomi’s Bluetooth headset Air 2 Pro was officially released in October last year. As Xiaomi’s first true wireless active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, this product has been rushed to buy by many consumers as soon as it went on sale.

The Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Pro adopts a black matte shell material as a whole. Each headset has a ceramic touch back cover, which can be operated by light touch and long press.

In addition, one of the main features of Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Pro is noise reduction. The official said that the powerful noise reduction effect of Xiaomi Air 2 Pro has reached the industry’s first camp standard, comparable to products above 1,000 yuan, and can be called “TWS within a thousand yuan.” The first choice for noise-canceling headphones”.

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