Xiaomi: break 1 million units in only 21 days

Xiaomi officially released the latest news, this time is the new news of Xiaomi 11 sales. According to Xiaomi’s official news, Xiaomi Mi 11 has only been on sale for 21 days, and the sales volume has exceeded 1 million units. This watch is actually too fierce. Breaking 1 million units in just 21 days

Xiaomi Mi 11 was released on December 28 last year. It was officially first sold on January 1, 2021. The first sale only took 5 minutes to break 1.5 billion sales. Now, the new peak of Xiaomi Mi 11’s sales has come, and the sales volume has exceeded 1 million units in just 21 days, which is too fast.

Let’s talk about some things that everyone doesn’t know. Among the previous generations of Xiaomi flagships, Xiaomi Mi 11 is the fastest high-end flagship phone in the history of Xiaomi’s mobile phones. Such a fast speed shows that Mi 11 is really successful. In addition, due to the current yield problem of Samsung’s 5nm, the insufficient supply of Snapdragon 888 actually dragged down the sales of Xiaomi Mi 11.

The fierce Mi 11 also shows that the production capacity and innovation capabilities of Xiaomi mobile phones have greatly increased, which is a product that everyone cares about. Summarizing in three points, the success of Xiaomi Mi 11 shows that Xiaomi’s continuous innovation in product research and development has brought about an improvement in product strength; second, Xiaomi’s supply chain delivery control ability has become more mature and stable; third , That is, Xiaomi mobile phones are more recognized in the high-end market and welcomed by everyone.

A brief review of Xiaomi Mi 11, it is the world’s first Snapdragon 888 processor, and the best screen in history, top-level screen, won the Displaymate A+ rating, supports 2K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, can also be turned on at the same time, Mi 11 rear 1 100 million high-definition three-camera, equipped with 4600mAH large battery, supports 55W flash charge. What’s more worth mentioning is that Xiaomi Mi 11 also focuses on lightness and thinness, which is the rare light and thin 5G flagship on the market. Its price starts at only RMB 3999, and netizens kindly call it a flagship goalkeeper.

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