xiaomi charger 120W fast charging version: full 100% in 23 minutes

Xiaomi has already achieved 120W fast charging in mass production, which is the highest charging power currently in mass production in the world. At the same time, it has introduced industry-leading 80W wireless fast charging and 10W wireless reverse charging technologies.

Recently, the Mi Charger 120W (second charging version) has been put on sale in Mi Mall, priced at CNY249. Use it to charge the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition (4500mAh), which can be charged to 41% in only 5 minutes and 100% in 23 minutes.

Mi Charger 120W (second charging version) is equipped with ten intelligent protection mechanisms, with short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, under voltage protection, electrostatic protection, electromagnetic field protection, lightning protection, access Impedance abnormal protection, data line encryption protection and other functions ensure that the product works within the normal current range in real time.

It also has a built-in smart identification chip and is compatible with mainstream smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices on the market. With the original Xiaomi data cable, it can safely charge most Type-C laptops on the market. A charger can be used to make business trips easier.

In terms of design, the 120W second charging version of the Xiaomi charger uses a PC flame-retardant white shell. The overall design style is simple, the charger waist is designed with a bright surface, and the input and output terminals are frosted.

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