Xiaomi is expected to announce a new generation of surround screen: MIX Alpha stunning work or welcome update

This morning, the official announcement of the Xiaomi mobile phone announced that it will officially announce the new breakthrough in screen technology at 2 o’clock this afternoon, and also announced a poster that allows the exploration to continue.

According to the pictures, many netizens have speculated that Xiaomi’s first folding screen is coming and will adopt an outward-folding design.

However, according to people familiar with the matter, Xiaomi’s new screen technology breakthrough has nothing to do with the folding screen, but a new technology related to “extended” and waterfall water flow mapping. These two keywords are undoubtedly the same as Xiaomi’s previous MIX Alpha. The surround screen fits perfectly.

Based on previous news, Xiaomi is likely to announce a new generation of surround screen mobile phone-MIX Alpha 2 this afternoon.

In fact, a lot of news about this phone has been exposed recently. Two days ago, well-known foreign media outlets announced the latest design of the Mi MIX Alpha2 generation.

According to the picture, the Mi MIX Alpha 2 generation still continues the previous generation’s surround screen design, but the screen ratio is further, canceling the previous “big black bar” rear camera part, completing the effect of 360° screen coverage from front to back.

As for the camera module, the Mi MIX Alpha 2 adopts a way similar to Liu Haiping, arranging the three cameras horizontally above the fuselage. When the front and rear cameras are needed, the phone can be switched seamlessly by turning the phone.

On the whole, the screen effect of the Mi MIX Alpha 2 generation is very shocking, and it is further on the basis of the previous generation products, which perfectly demonstrates Xiaomi’s wireless exploration of the screen form.

But unfortunately, according to the information disclosed in the reply of @数码闲聊站, Xiaomi’s upcoming new screen technology may not be officially launched. The final fate of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha 2 generation may be the same as the previous generation, and users may not be able to get real. Get in touch with this amazing work.

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