Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED first sales: ultra-thin full screen

At the “2021 Lei Jun Annual Lecture” site, Xiaomi officially released the Mi TV Master 77″ OLED and Mi TV 6 OLED.

Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED can achieve pixel-level independent light control, showing close to 0nit pure black, with 900nits peak brightness, display-level color quasi Delta E 2, 98.5% P3 film-level wide color gamut coverage, can show more picture details; OLED It is a natural anti-blue light material that can effectively control the damage caused by high-energy blue light to the eyes; it has achieved the HDR certification grand slam, and the IMAX ENHANCED top audio and video certification blessing, you can enjoy theater-level audio-visual effects at home.

Mi TV 6 OLED version has a 4.6mm ultra-thin screen in appearance, 97% screen-to-body ratio, supports bright screen and off screen, and has two HDMI 2.0 ports.

The Mi TV 6 OLED sound system consists of a dual-channel 12.5W power four-unit speaker, a dual duct bass enhancement design, and a sealed cabinet with a 0.42L*2 large sound cavity. When the sound is output through the speaker, the passive woofer is in the cabinet The passive sound is driven by the air, which makes the bass effect more vigorous.

In terms of performance, the Mi TV 6 OLED uses the MTK 9638 chip, which is a high-performance SoC, designed for mid-to-high-end 4K HDR smart TVs with MEMC functions, and is equipped with a 3GB+32GB large storage combination.

The Mi TV 6 OLED version is available in 55-inch and 65-inch versions. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

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