Xiaomi Mijia Smart Curtain 1S: Support Voice Control

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Curtain 1S adopts a magnetic remote control, which supports hand-pull start, power outage can also be hand-pulled, slow start and slow stop; using permanent magnet DC motor, using high torque motor, can support the smooth operation of curtains weighing 50kg, The operation adopts the constant speed mode, and the running speed can be kept stable and consistent even with different weights of cord fabrics.

In terms of installation, Mijia Smart Curtain 1S supports single and two-way opening and closing methods, and supports single-track, double-track, top-mounted, and side-mounted various straight-track installation methods. It should be noted that the Mijia Smart Curtain 1S does not support L-shaped, U-shaped and other special-shaped tracks, while the perforated Roman rod curtains need to be modified.

In terms of functions, Mijia Smart Curtain 1S supports a variety of intelligent opening and closing methods, which can be controlled by Xiao Ai’s voice, and has a built-in Wi-Fi module, which can be controlled at any time outside. The Mijia Smart Curtain 1S also supports timing opening and closing, setting the time to get up in the morning, and the curtains will slowly open within 35 minutes to avoid dazzling sunlight; it can also be set to automatically close the curtains at noon to protect the furniture from being damaged by exposure.

At the same time, if multiple smart curtains are installed in the home, they can also be controlled through the MIUI Home smart home screen, one-screen control; it also supports intelligent linkage with Xiaoai speakers, Mijia ceiling lights, Xiaomi wireless switches, and Xiaomi smart door locks to achieve night linkage. Turn off the lights, cinema mode, warm home and other functions.

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