Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wall Socket: Control electrical switches in one sentence

According to the news on February 2, after many days of crowdfunding activities, Zimi officially announced through Weibo today that the Xiaomi Mijia smart wall socket has been officially launched on all platforms at 10 o’clock this morning, and the price is only CNY59. .

Different from traditional sockets, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wall Sockets can realize the intelligence of the whole house, while supporting Xiaoai students’ control, power statistics, intelligent linkage, OTA upgrade and other functions.

In terms of core functions, the Xiaomi Mijia smart wall socket can power high-power appliances such as water heaters and ovens in the home, and can realize Xiaoai voice control switches.

Not only that, this smart wall socket can also be set with a timer switch and countdown switch according to needs through the Mijia APP.

Users can turn on the electric blanket switch when they get off work at night, and they can enjoy the warm quilt when they get home without waiting time.

Of course, before going to bed, you can also use Xiao Ai’s voice to control the light switch without getting out of bed.

In other respects, through the Bluetooth mesh gateway, the Mijia smart wall socket can also be connected to the Xiaomi loT platform, which can be linked with more devices in the home.

For example, after powering a traditional wall-hung boiler through a smart wall socket, when you leave home, turn on the arming mode of the Xiaomi smart lock to automatically shut down the wall-hung boiler.

It is worth mentioning that the smart wall socket supports digital display of power consumption. The power consumption details such as the length of time the appliance is turned on, the current power (watts) and today’s power consumption (degrees) can be grasped in real time through the Mijia APP.

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