Xiaomi smart camera upgrade released: 2K resolution, no fear of the dark night

On April 23, Xiaomi’s smart camera standard version 2K was released, with 125° wide viewing angle, brand new 2K ultra-clear image quality, and magnetic base. The price is CNY129.

Its resolution has been upgraded from 1920×1080 (2 million pixels) to 2304×1296 (3 million pixels), which can show more details of the picture, and the enlarged picture is also clear. Built-in 940nm infrared fill light, there is no “red dot” after it is turned on, giving the family an undisturbed sleep experience.

Supports two-way voice real-time calls, making it as smooth as a face-to-face conversation with family members. The newly upgraded speaker makes the sound louder and clearer. You can view the real-time picture of the camera anytime, anywhere through the mobile phone APP, Xiaomi TV, Xiaoai touch screen speaker.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard 2K has Al humanoid detection technology, which can effectively filter non-human invalid alarms that appear in the screen, so that there are talented people to alarm.

It is equipped with a 180-degree rotating magnetic base, suitable for a variety of installation scenarios, and its compact size allows the Xiaomi smart camera standard version 2K to be easily placed in homes, shops, cribs or even pet cages.

Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K supports two storage methods: local Micro SD card and Xiaomi cloud storage. At the same time, it cooperates with communication verification encryption, data transmission encryption, and Xiaomi cloud service triple encryption to protect user privacy and security in all aspects.

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