Xiaomi suddenly announced! High-end flagship ushered in important upgrades, a total of 13 items

Recently, news showed that Xiaomi suddenly announced that its high-end flagship would be upgraded, and there were 13 items in total. It is understood that these 13 upgraded mobile phones are two models: Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Pro.

After the upgrade of these two mobile phones, the better performance should be the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, because the hardware strength of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra is more powerful. The 13 specific upgraded parts are for the camera.

Cameras play a very important role in our lives. They can record the bits and pieces of our lives. Even if time passes, memories can still be sealed in photos without damage. Of course, we can’t be like a professional photographer, holding a heavy camera every time we go, but we are each holding a camera, because everyone has a mobile phone.

Take pictures

Xiaomi mobile phone should be the most perfect mobile phone built with mobile phone camera today. We can see from the related platform introduction that the main camera pixel of Xiaomi Mi 11, which was launched on January 1 this year, reached 100 million. Like the high-end Apple mobile phone iPhne12 or The pixels of Huawei mate40Pro are not as high as those of Xiaomi Mi 11. According to related news, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has repeatedly appeared on the DXD photo rating version and scored 143.

Before the upgrade, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s camera level is first-class. Perhaps its anti-shake technology is not the best, but the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has done the best in terms of photography and imaging.

Now the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra camera has received DXOMARK’s firmware push. This time it can be said that Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will usher in a brand new upgrade, and the camera will inevitably reach a new realm. Here we have to admire Xiaomi for its own characteristics. The ruthlessness.

How to upgrade Mi 11 Ultra

The latest version of Mi 11 Ultra is the 12.5 system, which contains the 13 upgrades mentioned above. First of all, we need to know when the 12.5 system will be opened. According to related news, it will be opened in May this year. Here is the Xiaomi 11 Ultra.

The first batch of upgrades to the 12.5 system were old mobile phones such as Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. The second batch is the turn of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra and other series of mobile phones. It was on the last day of last month-April 30.

For the installation method, the first step is to enter my device-click on the Miui version, and then click on the upper right corner…Apply for internal test…At this time, after the push is successful, enter the device again, manually select the installation package, and finally restart to enter the new system , Basically you’re done.

This series of operations are actually very simple as long as they follow the steps. Even if you don’t look at this step, you will do it, because the general mobile phone upgrade system steps are the same, and that is, it will have a lot of prompts.

to sum up

The environment will affect the effect of mobile phone photography. This upgrade of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra perfectly calculates a variety of environments that people are most likely to encounter, and solves the problems of uneven brightness and insufficient light when taking pictures. Provide us with a great photo experience and photo effects to the greatest extent.

This change of Xiaomi mobile phone must have spent a lot of effort on the camera. The camera is the most distinctive feature of Xiaomi mobile phones, and Lei Jun has been working hard in this regard. It tells us a truth, no matter what product, the product must have characteristics that people can always remember, and it must be the ultimate, so that the product will not be forgotten by consumers prematurely.

Regardless of whether you are a rice noodle or not, but I want to say that if you love photography, but don’t like to carry a heavy camera at all times, then this excellent photo effect Xiaomi 11 Ultra is very suitable for you, you can consider Xiaomi 11 Ultra.

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