Xiaomi warms up the “Clean Little Flying Saucer” single product, or for the new Mijia sweeping robot

Xiaomi Smart Life official blog announced that it will announce a Mijia smart ultra-thin single product tomorrow, and call it a “clean little flying saucer”. From the picture, it is expected to be a new product of sweeping/sweeping robot.
IT Home has learned that Xiaomi released the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot Pro at this spring new product launch. The sweeping and dragging robot uses a new generation of LDS laser navigation and has a binocular multi-dimensional stereo recognition system that can automatically avoid cables. , Slippers, table legs, carpets and other obstacles.

In addition, Mijia Mop Robot Pro supports AI scene recognition and will formulate different water output and mopping plans according to different ground materials. The price is CNY2899.

Xiaomi said that the new product to be released this time is “slimer and more agile”, and it is expected to have a different positioning.

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