Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Play Enhanced Edition is on sale today: infrared remote control + LED display

Xiaomi released a new smart speaker this month: Xiaoai Speaker Play Enhanced Edition. This product inherited the old mold design and changed to a dark gray appearance. At the same time, an LED clock display function was added on the front, which is convenient to use as a bedside alarm clock.

The enhanced version of Xiaoai Speaker Play uses 360° sound generation technology. The speaker radiates to the bottom reflection cone and emits sound through openings on all sides, regardless of the placement position.

This speaker supports infrared remote control function and can control 6000+ brand home appliances. In addition, the product also supports connecting WiFi and Bluetooth, acting as a Bluetooth Mesh gateway for smart home devices, integrating smart door locks, thermometers and hygrometers, Mijia light bulbs, and Mijia smart switches.

In terms of music, this speaker can synchronize QQ Music Green Diamond and collection playlists, and cooperate with Himalaya and Dragonfly FM to listen to cross talk, audiobooks, radio stations, podcasts, etc.

The enhanced version of Xiaoai Speaker Play also supports child mode, which can translate, recite ancient poems, make animal sounds, and conduct encyclopedia questions and answers.

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